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Legends Of Runeterra (LOR) Keeps Disconnecting Fix

Are you facing a problem where Legends of Runeterra keeps getting disconnected? Then this guide will help you with some possible fixes.

Riot Games have developed and published a lot of popular game and Legends of Runeterra also comes from them. This is a fun MOBA digtal card collectible game. And one of the best features of this game is that you can play it on your PC and even on your Mobile devices. While all that is good, this is an online game and that means it can occasionally cause you issues like disconnecting. So in this guide let us take a look at how to fix the problem of Legends of Runeterra (LOR) keeps disconnecting.

How to Fix Legends of Runeterra keeps disconnecting


how to fix lor disconnecting issue

These are some general fixes that you can try if you encounter this problem. You can try these fixes on PC, Android, and iOS.

  • Test your internet connection: Having a weak connection can cause the game to disconnect in the middle of a match. You can test your internet connection by doing a speed test. Through this you can find the speed of your internet and if it is consistent.
  • Refresh your internet connection: As this is an online game having a strong and consistent connection is quite important. And that is because if the internet is stable, the chances of you staying in the game without disconnecting increase. There are three ways you can do that.
    • Plug out the Ethernet Cable: If you are playing this game on your PC via a wired connection then this fix is for you. Just remove the Ethernet cable and wait for a minimum of 10 seconds, after that plug it back in.
    • Restart your router: If you play wirelessly, be it on your PC or phone, you can use this fix. Simply reboot your router and check if the internet works better.
    • Enable flight mode: This method is for Mobile players. Enable the flight mode on your device, wait for 10 seconds and then disable flight mode. This will help refresh your mobile data.

That sums up this guide on how to fix disconnection issues for Legends of Runeterra (LOR). If you enjoy playing this game then be sure to check our other guides on how to fix LOR keeps crashing and the best Meta decks Tier List for Legends of Runeterra.