Legends Of Runeterra Tier List: Best Meta Decks Ranked

Legends Of Runeterra Tier List: Ranking all the Legends and Meta Decks according to community rankings to find the best meta decks.

The complete Legends Of Runeterra Tier List. Find the rankings of all your favorite Legends in the game. However, keep in mind that these rankings are our own. They are in no way official and are based on our understanding of the game. With that being said let’s dive into the meta deck rankings for Legends of Runeterra.

Legends of Runeterra Tier List Rankings

Lissandra S
Taliyah S
Frozen Thrall S
Clockwork Curator S
Time in a Bottle S
Blighted Ravine S
Promising Future S
Draklorn Inquisitor S
Miss Fortune S
Brightsteel Protector S
Rivershaper S
Gangplank S
Legion Saboteur S
Imperial Demolitionist S
Legion Grenadier S
Noxian Fervor S
Decimate S
Shen A
Jarvan IV A
Fleetfeather Tracker A
Single Combat A
Deny A
Brightsteel Formation A
Twisted Fate A
Swain A
Dreadway Deckhand A
Arachnoid Sentry A
Legion Rearguard A
Death’s Hand A
Petty Officer A
Salvage A
The Leviathan A
Shyvana B
Aurelion Sol B
Single Combat B
Concerted Strike B
Screeching Dragon B
Starshaping B
Eclipse Dragon B
Merciless Hunter B
Renekton B
Ancient Preparations B
Shaped Stone B
Hush B
Rock Hopper B
Troll Chant B
Ruin Runner B
Ancient Yeti B
Black Spear B
Thresh B
Nasus B
Rite of Calling B
Dunekeeper B
Ruin Runner B
Glimpse Beyond B
Vile Feast B
LeBlanc C
Sivir C
Exhaust C
Shaped Stone C
Atrocity C
Preservarium C
Bloody Business C
Whispered Words C
Draven C
Jinx C
Poro Cannon C
Arena Battlecaster C
Flame Chompers! C
Vision C
Crowd Favorite C
Augmented Experimenter C
Rek’Sai C
Pyke C
Feral Prescience C
Sharkling C
Xer’sai Hatchling C
Bone Skewer C
Call The Pack C
Xer’Sai Caller C
Draven C
Ezreal C
Thermogenic Beam C
Ravenous Flock C
Mystic Shot C
Arachnoid Sentry C
Sump Dredger C
Tri-beam Improbulator C
Mountain Goat C
Azir C
Irelia C
Dunekeeper C
Sparring Student C
Greenglade Duo C
Lead and Follow C
Ribbon Dancer C
Lee Sin D
Eye of the Dragon D
Pale Cascade D
Mentor of the Stones D
Zenith Blade D
Deny D
Deep Meditation D
AsheIcevale Archer D
Emperor’s Dais D
Trifarian Gloryseeker D
Troll Chant D
Avarosan Trapper D
Culling Strike D
Trifarian Assessor D
Harsh Winds D
Elise D
Legion Rearguard D
Legion Saboteur D
Precious Pet D
Stalking Shadows D
Doombeast D
Frenzied Skitterer D
Decimate D
Nautilus D
Dreg Dredgers D
Sea Scarab D
Deadbloom Wanderer D
Jaull Hunters D
Pale Cascade D
Salvage D
Devourer of the Depths D
Soraka F
Tahm Kench F
Boxtopus F
Fortune Croaker F
Guiding Touch F
Fallen Feline F
Abyssal Eye F
Star Spring F
Astral Protection F
Ekko F
Feral Prescience F
Dropboarder F
Scrying Sands F
Aspiring Chronomancer F
Mystic Shot F
Time Trick F
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