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How To Get Back Your Lost or Disappeared Gears in Outriders?

Have you lost your progress or important gear, then here is how to get it back.

Outriders game is all about gears and abilities. As you progress you will find stronger gears in the game. Some of them are rare Legendary Gears which are hard to find. One of the bugs going around in this game is suddenly Legendary Gears disappear in Outriders. Frustrated players have tried to get this back but it is nowhere in the scene. Here is how to get your lost gears back in Outriders, and how to prevent this issue in the future.

Restore Lost Gears in Outriders


Outriders Restore Lost Gears

Outriders auto-save progress upon completion of an objective. By default, all your progress is stored on the cloud, so there are max chances that it will be restored next time you log in. If the game crashes in between or if you lose your internet connection or if Outriders Server is down then you might lose some items. For this, you will have to ensure that you do not interfere while the game is on auto-save. That means do not press Alt+Tab to minimize the screen if playing on PC.

Losing gears issue is common on PC, while on console such is not yet reported. The game has been gone through different bugs and errors recently. Outriders developers are working on patches to fix this all. During this time there is no fixed solution to restore lost gears in Outriders. It’s worst if you lose a Legendary Gear in Outriders. You have to connect with the developer’s support for help.


There are two ways to connect with them, first is via Twitter. You can contact the support and ask them for your lost item and the second is by posting your issue on Square-Enix forums. Make sure you do not interfere with auto-saves. Connect steam cloud sync for PC to confirm all your data is safe.

Till then you can verify the reconnecting the game back again. Just exit everything and relaunch the game. You will be able to get your items back only if it is properly synced with the server. Or else you will have to get connected with the game support team.