How To Lean Without Aiming In Rainbox Six Siege

Check out how to lean without ADSing in Rainbow Six Siege.

Are you wondering how to lean left or right without aiming or using the ADS in Rainbow Six Siege? If so, then you’re at the right place. The fast-paced combat in this game rewards players who efficiently check corners. The ADS restricts the view of a player while leaning. Since this is a highly competitive game, a minor blind spot may result in your elimination. So how do you avoid that? In this guide, we will go over some ideas as to how leaning without ADS should be a feature in RS6.

How to Lean Without Aiming (ADS) in Rainbow Six Siege

Lean without ADS or Aiming in RS6
Image Source: PriesT on Youtube

In Rainbow Six Siege, PC users can press the Q or E buttons to lean left or right respectively without aiming. Unfortunately, console users like PS or Xbox cannot lean without aiming or ADSing. Since there are only limited buttons on the controller and all of them are assigned to a function, this feature is unavailable. However, players can use L3/LS and R3/RS buttons to lean while aiming.

Many players tried using a controller on a PC to check if leaning without ADS can be used on it. However, the game switches to Controller binds. Similarly, when players tried to connect a Keyboard and a Mouse to the console, they were restricted from using the Q and E buttons.

How Leaning should be made available to Console Users

Although this option isn’t available at the moment, it can be added in the future due to the high demand by players. Some players are also ready to sacrifice features like “Select Fire” to include leaning without ADS. Or change the layout of the controller like adding Grenades and other Secondary Gadgets to the D-pad. Another way is to lean while ADSing and then stop aiming to stay in the lean mode.

That’s everything from us on how to Lean without Aiming in Rainbow Six Siege. For more such content like Best Attackers, make sure you visit our RS6 section.