Best Attackers In Rainbow Six (R6) Siege

Armed with Decoy Drones and EMPs these are the best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege.

Since its release in 2015, the competitive online shooter Rainbow Six Siege has grown in both popularity and scale. With 60+ total operators to choose from, the game offers its players insane replayability and allows space to execute multiple strategies. Here’s a list of what we think are the best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege.

Best Attack Operators in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow six siege best attackers


Her gadget the Gemini Replicator lets her create a holographic copy of herself that she can then control. The hologram looks and sounds exactly like Iana and thus making it an effective decoy when going up against Defenders. A great trick to try out with Iana is to quickly deactivate your Replicator when you know there’s a Defender around the corner. This gives you a split second where the enemy thinks it’s the decoy instead of Iana. Her primary weapons the ARX200 and G36C Assault Rifle are great guns that make her a favored pick amongst Attackers.


Another popular pick in the community, Ace is equipped with 3 SELMA breaching devices. Throw one on any breachable surface to create a crouchable or sight hole depending on the situation. A reinforced wall needs 2 SELMA’s to do the trick. While there is no wall that Ace can breach, the main reason to pick him is his primary weapon the AK-12 Assault Rifle which is arguably the best assault rifle in the game.


With a balanced loadout consisting of the Mk 14 EBR Rifle and BOSG 12.2 Shotgun as primary and C75 Auto pistol, GONNE-6 Hand Cannon and SMG-12 Machine Pistol as secondary, Dokkaebi is already a decent pick for Attacker. But it’s her virus the Logic Bomb that makes her one of the most dangerous Attackers to have on your team. The Logic Bomb causes all Defender’s phones to buzz nonstop for 12 seconds. During this, they are unable to access any of their cameras and will have to physically switch their phone off, a process during which they cannot move or shoot for 5 seconds. Dokkaebi can also use dead Defenders’ phones to gain access to their cameras for information.


Nokk is the game’s ultimate stealth operator thanks to her HEL Presence Reduction Device. For a duration of 12 seconds, Nokk can make herself invisible to cameras while also completely silencing her walk. Using her gadgets i.e Frag Greandes, Hand Breach Charge and Impact Grenades has no effect on her invisibility. This combined with her primary FMG-9 submachine gun and SIX12 SD Shotgun make for quick and effective solo runs into the Defenders’ camp.

Thatcher (The best Attacker in Rainbow Six Siege)

Thatcher is the perfect counter for any situation he finds himself in thanks to his EMP Grenades. These can be used to disable any Defenders gadgets in a 5-meter radius, ironically making them the game’s most powerful gadget. Best used to disable any gadgets attached to walls the EMP grenade has no effect on your team’s gadgets, giving your team a strong advantage. His efficient loadout of the AR33 Assault Rifle and P226 Mk Handgun make him one of the best Attackers in the game currently.

That’s our list of the best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege. Check out our guides on other R6 guides on Gamer Tweak.