Haze Piece Lava Key Location Guide

Check out this guide to know the Lava Key Location in Haze Piece.

If you are looking to summon and defeat the Mace Boss behind the Marine Base Town then you will need to know the Lava Key location in Haze Piece. In the Roblox experience inspired by the hit manga turned-anime series One Piece, players will come across different types of misc items, each with its unique usage and ability. While the Gear 4 Book will grant you Luffy’s infamous Gear 4 ability, the Lava Key however will help you unlock the caged door inside the cave behind the Marine Base Town. And unlocking the caged door will let you summon Level 700 Mace Boss in Haze Piece.

If you are just starting on the adventures of sailing, we would recommend you to go through our Boss Drops & Spawn Locations Guide to make things easy for you. Along with it, you can also go through the latest list of Haze Piece Codes to give yourself the headstart required to become a successful pirate. With that being said, if you are wondering where to find the Lava Key and unlock the caged door inside the cave, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Where to Find Lava Key in Haze Piece

Where To Find Lava Key In Haze Piece
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Players will come across the Lava Key near the Navigator in the Marine Base Town. The Lava Key would be placed on one of the tables right beside where you will be able to set your spawn point in the game. Once you find it, you will simply have to press and hold the E key on your keyboard.

After which you will get the key in your inventory and you will be able to use it accordingly. You can use it to unlock the caged door behind the Marine Base Town to get inside the cave.

You will come across a Giant Cauldron where you will have to drop the Lava Ore obtained by defeating the Marine Captain in the game. While the island level is 600, we would recommend you grind your way to at least level 700 before reaching to make things easier during both the boss fights.

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