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Latias VS Latios Pokemon GO – Which Is Better?

Learn about which of the Eon Duo, Latias & Latios, is better in Pokemon GO from this guide.

Pokemon GO is an AR adaption of the main series of Pokemon games. Although it doesn’t have all of the Pokemon, it introduces newer ones every so often. As of the Pokémon Air Adventures x Pokémon GO Global Collaboration Event that occurred on 3rd May 2022, both Latias & Latios got their Mega Evolutions. But which of the Eon Duo is the Best? Is it Latias or Latios? In this guide, I will be explaining which of the Eon Duo is better, Latias VS Latios in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Latias VS Latios guide


latias vs latios pokemon go

At the time of this article, the Eon Duo Latias & Latios are the only Legendary Pokemon that can Mega Evolve in Pokemon GO. This allows them to outclass some of the other Legendaries and are worth having on your Team. Latias & Latios are a pair and as such have similar stats with a few differences. In short, Latias has better Defense while Latios has better Offense. The stats for both Pokemon are as follows.

  • Latias:
    • Attack – 228
    • Defense – 246
    • Stamina – 190
  • Latios:
    • Attack – 268
    • Defense – 212
    • Stamina – 190


By looking at the stats, it may seem that Latios is slightly better than Latias in Pokemon GO. But bear in mind that Attack is not the sole stat on a Pokemon. With more Defense, a Pokemon can take more hits. By looking at the Spread of the Stats, Latias has a more even Stat distribution than Latios. Run a few tests and on average, Latias will win more than Latios. Let’s consider the Mega Evolved stats of the two.

  • Mega Latias:
    • Attack – 289
    • Defense – 297
    • Stamina – 190
  • Mega Latios:
    • Attack – 335
    • Defense – 241
    • Stamina – 190

Here Mega Latias has a balanced spread of Stats while Mega Latios has a more Offense spread which almost makes it a Glass Cannon. If you want one of the Eon Duo which can be used for most situations then I would recommend using Latias. If you are going for an all-out Strat then Latios is your Pick. Both have their niches so depending on your playstyle, either may or may not work for you. Since they are Legendaries & have Megas, they are worth having on the Team.


This was all about the Latias VS Latios guide in Pokemon GO. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Mega Kangaskhan in Pokemon GO.