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Kojima Stuns The Division 2 Developers With Death Stranding reveal

Hideo Kojima has left a huge imprint on the world of gaming and as soon as he announced that he is working on Death Stranding following the split from Konami, the world turned their eyes towards him and what will he offer next.


Though Death Standing looks absolutely incredible it is yet not known when the game will be released as the team behind it are working at their own pace to deliver the perfect product to the gamers.

Recently just before the launch of much awaited The Division 2, Julian Gerighty and his team were invited to Kojima’s studio and they got to see Death Stranding.

Gerighty promptly tweeted out in support of Death Stranding being timeless.

He tweeted:


Praise from the community is great but, being complimented by another developer is completely different and it feels great to know that people are ready to help one another and show support.

It is apparent that Kojima left the developers of The Division 2 stunned and we hope that we soon will get to see more of Death Stranding, maybe at this years E3.

The early access for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 starts today, the game will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4


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