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Knockout City PC Crashing Issue Fix

Find out how to fix the PC crashing issue in Knockout City.

Knockout City seems to have a crashing issue on PC and there are easy fix methods to remove the problem. Such issues always crop up in new games and are usually not that serious or game-breaking. A few steps are all you need to do to fix the crashing issue and you will be good to go. So, let’s find out how to stop Knockout City from crashing.

How to stop Knockout City from Crashing on PC


Knockout City: PC Crashing Issue Solution Fix
Fix the PC Crashing issue by making sure everything is up to date.
  • One of the most basic things you can do to fix the Crashing issue is ‘Run the Game as Administrator’. Right-click on the app icon and select the ‘Run as Administrator option. Doing so will fix any issues as it will give the game a higher priority.
  • Next, make sure your drivers are updated. Go to your Graphics Card settings and check if any updates are pending.

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You can also utilize some of the following methods:

  • Make sure your Windows OS is up to date.
  • Update all the DirectX and VCRedist files.
  • Change your graphic settings so as to not strain the GPU.
  • Make sure you close all third-party background apps.
  • Open Task Manager and check memory utilization.

This isn’t that serious of a problem and simple steps like the ones mentioned above will completely remove such problems.


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