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How To Fix The Knockout City Net Code Glitch?

Knockout City Net Code error solutions and connectivity issues fix. Here is how to resolve Knockout City Net Code (Error?) 0.35#-6.

Knockout City players are recently facing Net Code Error of 1.43#0, 0.160#0, 1.46#109000, and 2.5#0 and cannot seem to find a fix for it. Being an online multiplayer game, these errors can occur. On the developers’ end, they are generally related to the server issue occurring due to the excessive load on the game when a huge amount of players are playing simultaneously.


How to Fix the Knockout City Net Code Error?

Knockout City Net Code Error Bug fix

To fix the Net Code Error of 1.43#0, 0.160#0, 1.46#109000, and 2.5#0 in Knockout City, try the following solutions:

  • Make sure that your connection speed is good enough for Knockout City to load. A wireless connection may not be as good as a wired ethernet connection.
    Verify the game files. There is a possibility that the integrity of the files may be causing you this problem. Go to Steam library > Right-click on Knockout City > Properties > Local Files > Verify.
  • If there is any other heavy application working in the background that is large, close that app so that Knockout City can function properly without other apps eating up the internet.
  • EA usually updates us via its Twitter account if the game is facing some problems. So make sure that you check their Twitter handle for any updates on the issues if they have tweeted about it.
  • End the game and restart to establish a connection with the server again. This might solve the Knockout City Net Code Error Glitch.

So that is all for our guide on how to fix the Knockout City Net Code Error. If you would like to get style chips in the game, make sure you check that guide out too