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Knockout City Ice Pops Locations In Galaxy Burger

Here are all the ice pop locations in Knockout City on Galaxy Burger

Knockout City is here with their summer event called Heatwave. It features Heatwave Tickets that are exclusive for this event and work as currency to buy various summer-themed items and skins. Another way is to collect Ice pops that are spread out in the various locations of the game environment. So in this guide, we will tell you the exact locations of the ice pops in Knockout City on Burger Galaxy.

Ice Pops Locations on Galaxy Burger in Knockout City


Galaxy Burger

There are 17 ice pops that you can collect. Collecting all of them will give you the option to buy some skins and items in exchange. Here are theplaces where you will find ice pops on Galaxy Burger for the summer event calld Heatwave in the game.

  • On top of the Parking Garage
  • Inside the Parking Garage
  • Left of the Parking Garage
  • Above the Parking Garage
  • On top of the Rotating Table
  • Behind the Penalty Box
  • In front of the Penalty Box
  • Above Penalty Box ( Jump on the UFOs)
  • Top Right Of the Garbage Disposal
  • Inside the Garbage Disposal on the Left
  • In Front of the Alien Hut
  • Bottom Level of the Galaxy Burger
  • Second Level of the Galaxy Burger
  • Middle Pedestal of the Galaxy Burger
  • Right Side of the Alien
  • Front of the Alien (Jump on the UFOs)
  • Floating Between the Rocket and the Alien (Jump on the UFOs)


We suggest you collect all of the ice pops to so that you have mor eof these to exchange and get new vital items from the event. So that is all for our guide on Knockout City Ice Pops locations in Galaxy Burger for the summertime event that is Heatwave. If you would like to know how to change your name in the game, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.