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Knighthood Hero Tier List – Best Heroes Ranked (March 2023)

Here's the Knighthood Hero Tier List that you need with best heroes ranked from best to worst.

Looking for a Knighthood hero tier list with the best heroes ranked from best to worst? Then you are at the right place as this guide has you covered. Since the game has numerous characters, it is not possible for you to know all of them. As a result, players won’t be able to select the best possible choice out there. Hence, this guide is the perfect fit for such players. Since you are here, you are also looking for a Tier List that will help you select the best heroes available in the game. So we recommend you check out this tier list for that.

Knighthood Hero Tier List Ranked Best to Worst

Best Heroes Knighthood Tier List

Since there are numerous heroes available depending on their rarity, you might not be able to unlock some of the best S Tier heroes for some time. However, there are quite a few worthy ones in the game and you might even be surprised by how good they are. Here’s the Knighthood hero tier list ranked best to worst:

Tier Hero
S Tier Titania
S Tier Aeron
S Tier Alder
S Tier Lance
S Tier Logan
S Tier Ericson
S Tier Balendu
A Tier Vordrai
A Tier Isstara
A Tier Erinn
A Tier Lanasa
A Tier Tristan
A Tier Keera
A Tier Doctor Flox
A Tier Lukin
A Tier Helmar
A Tier Rokara
A Tier Dlaf
A Tier Delphinia
B Tier Rhiannon
B Tier Anaara
B Tier Wormwood
B Tier Dvalin
B Tier Tara
B Tier Grax
B Tier Krusa
B Tier Grimm
C Tier Zoe
C Tier Lars
C Tier Nijuro
C Tier Pentatonix
C Tier Rosalin
C Tier Ulfred
D Tier Griz
D Tier Millicent
D Tier Ash
D Tier Blaine
D Tier Gwen
D Tier Serra
D Tier Sola
D Tier Balberith
D Tier Macleod

That’s all there is from this Knighthood Hero Tier List. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Guides right here at Gamer Tweak.