Knightcore Kingdom Tier List (2024)

Check out our Knightcore Kingdom Tier List. In this tier list for 2023, we've ranked every character in the game from best to worst.

The Knightcore Kingdom is the next iteration of the original title, Knightcore, and continues its story. It is a mobile strategy-based game with elements of tactical pushing, tower defense, territory management, and collectible Heroes. You will have to manage your Heroes in a battle and lead them to victory. If you want to know which characters to choose, then we’ve got you covered. Check out our Knightcore Kingdom Tier List to find out the best characters ranked from best to worst.

Knightcore Kingdom Tier List – Best Characters Ranked (2024)

Parfait Mage Hero in Knightcore Kingdom

This tier list is based on our opinions and playstyle. It can change according to your preferred playstyle. There are currently 29 heroes in the game to choose from and it may increase in the future. That being said, here is the Knightcore Kingdom ranked from best to worst:

Heroes (Characters) Tiers
Carlton S Tier
Marcus S Tier
Shark S Tier
Morgause S Tier
Gawain S Tier
Raici A Tier
Klaire (Halloween) A Tier
Aoi (Full Moon) A Tier
Ganis A Tier
Parfait A Tier
Uluru King A Tier
Great Elder A Tier
Kai Berrett B Tier
Lancelot B Tier
Charolotte B Tier
Aoi B Tier
Geraint B Tier
Rin B Tier
Pearl C Tier
Kurin C Tier
Van C Tier
Kallian C Tier
Kriel C Tier
Queen Pella C Tier
Shiva D Tier
Bedivere D Tier
Mani D Tier
Alys D Tier
Avalon D Tier

As we mentioned before, this character ranking is according to our experience. Each character has its own attributes and you can select them according to your preferred gameplay. The list can even change if the characters are nerfed or buffed. We suggest you try the S-Tier characters out since they have been successful in defeating the enemies effectively.
That covers our Knightcore Kingdom Tier List. We have more helpful Tier Lists to help you choose the best characters and get a head start.