How To Start The Kitsune Sea Event In Blox Fruits – Kitsune Shrine Location

Here is a complete guide you can follow to start the Kitsune Sea Event and get to the Kitsune Shrine in Blox Fruits.

The Kitsune Sea Event in Blox Fruits is now live and all Roblox players have been wondering how they can get to the Kitsune shrine. Unlike other events, this is not an ordinary update, your character will be able to unlock legendary weapons, accessories, and a number of powerful features that will help you level up.

This update, also known as the Full Moon event can be extremely beneficial if you are looking to load up on some unique items, that will help you defeat your enemies quickly and unlock extra perks. Here is a complete guide you can follow to get to this location and collect all the newly added rewards.

How to Get to the Kitsune Island in Blox Fruits

How To Start The Kitsune Sea Event In Blox Fruits Kitsune Shrine Location
Source – Blox Fruits on Twitter

In order to get to this island, you will have to begin your journey from the Tiki Outpost. You will then have to get a boat and start traveling to get to the Sea Danger Level 6. However, just getting to this level is not the main criteria, you will also have to make sure you get there during the Full Moon. This is because the Kitsune Island will spawn only when the Full Moon appears.

In order to know if the island is accessible or not look out for the notification “A mysterious shrine has appeared in the sea…”. Once you see this pop up on your screen, enter this mysterious place and get to the center of the island. Once you spot the Kitsune shrine, you can go inside the temple where you will see a giant rock. Interact with this object and click on the ‘Touch Statue’ option.

This will trigger an animation that will automatically awaken the Blue Moon. You will then be directed to collect Azure Embers and bring them back to the shrine. These glowing blue orbs will be slightly difficult to obtain as they will be scattered all over the island and keep skipping from one place to another. Additionally, you will have only 5 minutes to collect these orbs and make sure you have collected at least 20 of them to be rewarded.

Once the Azure Embers fade away, you can go back to the shrine and interact with the glimmering rock once again. You will then be asked if you want to offer your Azure Embers to the shrine. If you have collected more than 20 orbs, your offer will be accepted and you will be rewarded with either a weapon or accessory at random.

What Rewards can you get from the Kitsune Event in Blox Fruits

What Rewards Can You Get From The Kitsune Event In Blox Fruits
Source – KEN RBLX on YouTube

Here are some of the unique and powerful rewards you will be able to obtain by offering Azure Embers to the shrine –

  • Kitsune Ribbon
  • Kitsune Mask
  • Fox Lamp Sword

Additionally, after spending time collecting these shiny orbs all around the island, sometimes players are also rewarded with Fragments. Therefore, keep in mind that since the rewards are randomized you might have to perform this task a few times to get your desired item.

We have covered everything you need to know in order to start the Kitsune Sea event and get to the Kitsune shrine If you are interested in knowing more about this recent event, you can check out our Blox Fruit section and get all the information you are looking for, right here on Gamer Tweak.