Kingdom Guard Tier List of the Best Heroes

Not sure which Heroes to pick for battle in Kingdom Guardian? Here’s our Tier List that can help you through it.

Looking at our Kingdom Guard Hero Tier List is the easiest way to find the best heroes in your game. Optimizing and utilizing the best Kingdom Guard Troop offer is very important, regardless of whether you are playing PvE or PvP matches. Fortunately, you are given enough characters to pick your winning combinations. The only trouble is knowing which Heroes are better than the rest so you can recruit them as a priority. To help you with that, here’s our tier list that ranks all the Heroes in a best-to-worst order.

Kingdom Guard Hero Tier List (2024)

Below, you will find all the Heroes ranked from S Tier to D Tier. Those in the S Tier have the best skills and excel in offensive and defensive gameplay. As you go down, you will find characters who are comparatively less strong and resilient than characters in the S Tier. With that said, here is our Kingdom Guard hero tier list:

TiersKingdom Guard HeroesClass
S TierPadmeArcher
S TierTracyFire
S TierErikaFire
S TierTumnusPoison
S TierClaranceIce
S TierFiliusIce
S TierLovelaceFire
A TierSaharArcher
A TierGruenPoison
A TierMeg Archer
A TierJohannesArcher
A TierPanArcher
A TierFatima Archer
A TierBellaArcher
A TierMontagArcher
A TierDariaFire
A TierCosetteFire
A TierVanessaFire
A TierRosamondPoison
A TierRogersPoison
A TierSuadPoison
A TierPhythiaPoison
A TierLuviaPoison
A TierHanaIce
A TierAo Deng Ge Ri LeIce
A TierJudyIce
A TierKeithIce
A TierPaulaIce
A TierJessicaIce
A TierPedraIce
B TierPtolemyArcher
B TierSebastianArcher
B TierLiviaArcher
B TierMayaArcher
B TierColin Archer
B TierArwinArcher
B TierRichardArcher
B TierTorviArcher
B TierSimonFire
B TierMikuFire
B TierChristieFire
B TierKenshiroFire
B TierBrieFire
B TierPennyFire
B TierRilaPoison
B TierLilithPoison
B TierChiyokoPoison
B TierAu YueIce
C TierTrist Archer
C TierKadirArcher
C TierO’NeilArcher
C TierArizaArcher
C TierDeanFire
C TierPaulFire
C TierWallisFire
C TierDolvarFire
C TierAllenFire
C TierGiselleFire
C TierApolloFire
C TierBenjaminPoison
C TierLomaxPoison
C TierMenierePoison
C TierBlackwellPoison
C TierWendyPoison
C TierSuadPoison
C TierLilani Ice
C TierVeraIce
C TierParrIce
C TierMaudIce
C TierNathanielIce
C TierRudolphIce
D TierGabriel Archer
D TierArthur Archer
D TierJenniferArcher
D TierHaroldArcher
D TierArwynArcher
D TierDain Fire
D TierAnkoFire
D TierGroFire
D TierKrisFire
D TierOpheliaFire
D TierSamarFire
D TierCatherinePoison
D TierClaudiaPoison
D TierIsaacPoison
D TierAlucardPoison
D TierHadi Ice
D TierNicoleIce
D TierRalphIce
D TierMerlinIce

According to our Kingdom Guard hero tier list, you can blindly pick characters like Padme, Tracy, Erika, etc, in Kingdom Guard as they rank well. However, you should note that these characters require a little practice before you can take their advantage. So, play a few practice sessions with our top picks to learn about their arsenal quickly.

That’s all for our Kingdom Guard hero tier list. For more content related to Tier Lists of the most popular games, please check out our dedicated section for them on Gamer Tweak.