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All King Yemma Quiz Answers in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

To make a comprehensive adventure in Dragon Ball Z kakarot, the developers made sure to add more than just non stop fighting. There are so many things to do when you go out into the wild. One of such things you will find are quizzes and this guide will show you answers to all of King Yemma questions.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has all the high octane action you will need with tons of battles and characters in the game. You will get to fight as Goku to your heart’s content and play the game which is based on a series that has had an impact over so many people all over the world, but the game isn’t just based on fighting.

All King Yemma Quiz Answers

As every fan knows King Yemma is a huge character in Dragon Ball Z and has it is without question that he could not be missed in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. King Yemma and Goku have tons of interactions in the series and, in the game, you will have to take part in King Yemma’s quiz.

Now if you aren’t caught up with the series of have long forgotten every detail about it then finding the answers to these questions can be a bit of a problem. Every question asked has been answered in the series but if you aren’t sure of the answer then worry not, we have you covered.

The correct answers to King Yemma’s Quiz are as follows:

  1. Question 1: Where was Raditz sent?
    Answer: Hell.
  2. Question 2: Who is more powerful?
    Answer: King Yemma
  3. Question 3: Who is judged here after death?
    Answer: Everyone
  4. Question 4: Is there a way to bring back those who have already died?
    Answer: Yes
  5. Question 5: Which question is this?
    Answer: The 5th.

This is all you have to do and once you provide King Yemma with the above answers you will be able to proceed to the following quest. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a truly immersive and unforgiving experience that will surely bring back good old memories.

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