How To Evolve King Bible To Unholy Vespers In Vampire Survivors

Here's a detailed guide on how to upgrade King Bible to Unholy Vespers in Vampire Survivors.

King Bible is one of the early AoE weapons you get in Vampire Survivors, and it can be evolved into Unholy Vespers. In this rogue-like game, your sole aim is to survive against waves of monsters for as long as possible. With every passing minute, the strength and numbers of these monsters increase. At one point, you may find yourself surrounded by enemies. AoE weapons allow you to clear the area around you and keep you safe. This guide features how you can evolve one of the best AoE weapons in Vampire Survivors.

How to Evolve King Bible into Unholy Vespers in Vampire Survivors

Evolve King Bible into Unholy Vespers by using Spellbinder as a Passive Item

There is no method of unlocking this weapon since you get it as a drop by collecting EXP Gems. But, you can unlock Dommario, whose starting weapon is King Bible, by earning 5,000 Coins in a single run. Once you get it, it summons a ring of bibles around your character at regular intervals. They spin clockwise around it and damage every enemy who touches it. You can upgrade King Bible to increase its Base Damage, Projectile Speed, number of Projectiles, Duration, and Area of Damage. The max you can upgrade it is to Level 8.

Every weapon in this game has an upgraded form and the process is pretty much the same. In order to evolve King Bible in Vampire Survivors, you must get King Bible to level 8 while you’re holding the Spellbinder as a passive item. Once it is at level 8 and you have the Spellbinder, open a chest at the 10-minute mark and you will get Unholy Vespers.

If you are having trouble finding the Spellbinder then there are two ways to get it. You can find it as a Stage Item in the Gallow Tower or Moongolow stages. Another way is by upgrading the Runetracer weapon to Level 7 and waiting for a weapon drop.

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