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How To Beat Dairy Plant In Vampire Survivors (Guide)

Here's a simple guide on how to beat Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors.

Dairy Plant is the third stage in Vampire Survivors and it’s tough to beat without a good strategy. In this rogue-like game, your main objective is to survive against hordes of enemies for as long as possible. They will come in swarms and their strength will increase with each passing minute. To outlast them, you must go in with a plan. That includes your character, weapon, and ability selection. If you are having a difficult time with this stage and are looking for ways to beat it, then you are at the right place. This guide features the best characters and abilities you can use to beat this stage.


How to Beat Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors

Pressure Plates in Dairy Plant Stage

To unlock Dairy Plant, you have to reach level 40 in Inlaid Library. This stage is more challenging because of its fast and tanky enemies. It is difficult to outrun them and they don’t die quickly. Moreover, this stage has many obstacles so you have to be careful of your every step. There are pressure plates that can send more enemies toward you so be careful of those. However, some passive items on the stage are quite helpful like:

  • Attractorb: Far Northwest of your Spawn.
  • Armor: Northeast of your Spawn.
  • Wings: Southeast of your Spawn.
  • Candlelabrador: Far Southeast of your Spawn.

The Attractorb can be used to collect all the Gems you missed after killing monsters. So do not get it first. We suggest you go for the Armor, Wings, and Candlelabrador first. They will reduce your Incoming Damage, increase your Movement Speed, and increase your Area of Attack respectively. Collect them soon before the number of your enemies increase. To beat Dairy Plant, you have to outlast the waves of monsters for 30 minutes.


Beating Dairy Plant Strategy (Best Character and Build)

The best strategy to beat this stage is to select three kinds of weapons.

  1. A close-range weapon like Garlic or King Bible
  2. Weapons with High Damage and Pushback ability like Axe, Cross, or Fire Wand.
  3. Splash Damage Weapon (AoE) like Santa Water (evolved to La Borra)

As you progress, max out these weapons to keep the crowds of monsters under control. You can also choose characters with your preferred weapons. It also depends on your gameplay and which character you are comfortable with. But the characters we recommend are Poppea (Song of Mana), Pugnala (Phiera Del Tuphello), Porta (Lightning Ring), and Cavallo (Cherry Bomb). Along with the right characters, using the right abilities is important to beat Dairy Plant. After filling in the EXP bar, you can select abilities like:

  • Tiragisu: Increase Revival
  • Spinach: Increases Might (Raise inflicted damage).
  • Empty Tome: Reduces Weapons Cooldown
  • Duplicator: Increase the projectiles in all weapons.
  • Spellbinder: Increase the duration of weapon effects

These are the characters and abilities that helped us complete this stage. However, you can try various combinations according to your liking. If you have the Yellow Sign, make sure you collect all four Hidden Items in this stage. Moreover, you can also collect two relics and a coffin here.

That’s all from us on how to beat Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors. For more helpful guides like How to Beat Holy Forbidden, visit GamerTweak soon.