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Halo Infinite Killing Spree – Medals & Requirements

Learn everything about Killing Sprees in Halo Infinite from this guide.

Halo Infinite is back from the past and is a banger even though it needs a few tweaks. Nevertheless, the gameplay is very smooth and amazing. The best part about all of this is the narration when the player gets multiple kills, Killing Sprees. But what is a Killing Spree? How do I get them? Don’t fret as all of these questions will be answered here. In this guide, I will explain how to get a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite.

How to Get a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite


killing spree in halo infinite

The concept of a Killing Spree is very simple but the process of getting is not as easy. You get Killing Sprees by killing multiple enemies without dying in Halo Infinite. When you kill 5 enemies without dying, you will be given the medal of Killing Spree. It will be a cyan and white bullseye with a silver border and 4 silver points, one in each direction. After that, you will get your next medal at 10 kills which is Killing Frenzy. This continues in increments of 5 till you reach 40 kills which is the Demon medal.

It’s as simple as that, well “simple”. You will need to play smartly if you want to get to the 40 Killstreak. To have the best success, you will have to catch the enemy off guard, isolate your battles, and reposition after every kill in Halo Infinite. The first one is easy as you will have to ambush an enemy or get them with a sniper at a distance. The second one is a bit tricky as your enemies will not come to you one by one. So, in such cases try to take a fight with one of them while hiding from the other. This is going to be difficult at first but this technique will become a powerful tool in your arsenal.


Finally, the last tip but maybe one of the most important ones is to reposition yourself after every kill. The reason why this is important as your enemies will respawn and run back to your last known location. Or they will alert their teammates of your position. This ruins your element of surprise and also gives the enemies a chance to surround you. So to avoid these disadvantages, reposition yourself. If you do it right your enemies will not know where you are, even better is that you will know where they are going to be and prepare yourself for that engagement.

What is a Killing Spree?

A Killing Spree is a medal earned by killing multiple enemies in Halo Infinite without dying. Each time you get a kill, the closer you get to a Killing Spree or its upgraded versions. To get a Killing Spree, you will need to get 5 consecutive kills without dying in Halo Infinite. The next medal will come 10 consecutive kills, so on and so forth. Each medal is earned after a continuous of 5 kills till 40 kills.


Killing Spree Medals in Halo Infinite

killing spree medal

The Killing Spree Medals you can earn are:


  • Killing Spree: Get 05 Kills without dying.
  • Killing Frenzy: Get 10 Kills without dying.
  • Running Riot: Get 15 Kills without dying.
  • Rampage: Get 20 Kills without dying.
  • Nightmare: Get 25 Kills without dying.
  • Boogeyman: Get 30 Kills without dying.
  • Grim Reaper: Get 35 Kills without dying.
  • Demon: Get 40 Kills without dying.
  • Killjoy: End an enemy’s Killing Spree.

These are the Killing Spree medals you can earn in a game of Halo Infinite. Alongside these medals, you can also earn Multi-kill Medals. Multi-kill Medals in Halo Infinite are earned by killing multiple enemies in quick succession in a short amount of time. The medals are:

  • Double Kill: Get 02 Kills in quick succession.
  • Triple Kill: Get 03 Kills in quick succession.
  • Overkill: Get 04 Kills in quick succession.
  • Killtacular: Get 05 Kills in quick succession.
  • Killtrocity: Get 06 Kills in quick succession.
  • Killamanjaro: Get 07 Kills in quick succession.
  • Killtastrophe: Get 08 Kills in quick succession.
  • Killpocalypse: Get 09 Kills in quick succession.
  • Killionaire: Get 10 Kills in quick succession.

This was all about Killing Spree in Halo Infinite. Hopefully, this guide has helped you a lot. You can also check out our guide on All Halo Infinite Multiplayer Maps & Game Modes and Halo Infinite Theater Mode Not Working Fix in Halo Infinite.