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Halo Infinite Theater Mode Not Working?

Is the Theater mode in Halo Infinite broken? Here's everything you need to know.

The Theater mode can help you watch replays of your matches where you can observe how you played as well as how your enemies played to learn new tricks. But, the Theater mode in Halo Infinite seems to have many issues and players are complaining that it’s simply not working due to multiple bugs. Is there any fix for these problems? Find out here.

Halo Infinite Theater Mode Not Working?


halo infinite theater mode watch replays broken

Halo Infinite’s Theater mode needs quite a few changes and improvements. Players on Reddit are talking about how broken it is at the moment. These are some the bugs that players are getting as per this Reddit thread.

  • I went into theater to record a cool moment of me repulsoring the flag carrier off into a pit, and while I succeeded the clip I got was just awful. (u/Haggenstein)
  • While going through the timeline of the match, the camera would randomly jump to another person’s perspective. (u/Haggenstein)
  • I then tried recording this clip of me getting a sick bankshot from another match, and while there were no graphical errors I noticed an even bigger problem. I could only select players from the opposing team. (u/Haggenstein)
  • I don’t even have the option to “play” the clip (u/PaleontologistIcy513)
  • Mostly the kills being super laggy makes it not even recordable. Clip is ruined. (u/appslap)


As you can tell, the bugs are differing from player to player.

Here are some of the bugs and issues encountered by Youtuber Generalkidd:


Moreover, these are the bugs that are already mentioned in the ‘known issues’ blog on the Halo Support website.

  • While watching a film, players who left the match appear as options to follow and prevent swapping between other viewpoints.
  • After watching a film, attempting to watch another sometimes results in a “Load Error.”

How to Fix Theater Mode Bugs?


All you can do at this point is to close the game, launch it again and check out the recording immediately. But even this is not guaranteed. Hopefully, the developers fix these errors with Theater Mode in Halo Infinite in the final launched game.

Also note that when Halo Infinite officially launches on December 8th, the saved films that you created before will no longer be available to watch. So if you’d like to save any theater or bookmarked videos, you will need to use a digital video recording tool.

That’s everything that’s known about Halo Infinite Theater Mode not working bug. When there are more updates and information revealed by the devs, we will update this article. Meanwhile, do check out our other Halo Infinite guides on Gamer Tweak!