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Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Chapter – All Killer And Survivor Perks

DBD Resident Evil Survivor Perks: Use the information below to see all the new, great perks coming to the game.

Dead by Daylight has a new Resident Evil Chapter update with new Killer and Survivor characters, each having new perks. So, scroll down below to learn more about these new characters and their capabilities.


Killer And Survivor Character Perks In Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Chapter

Survivor: Jill Valentine

  • Perk: Blast Mine. You will be able to access this specific perk once you complete at least 66% repair progress on generators. Whenever a killer character will damage the generator it will stun them.
  • Perk: Resurgence. Once you unhook yourself you will get 40% healing progress.
  • Perk: Counterforce. When you are cleansing Totems you will get a 20% speed boost. Once you cleanse a Totem you will also be able to spot the aura of another Totem near you.

Survivor: Leon

  • Perk: Bite the Bullet. You will make no noise when you are healing yourself. Also, if you fail any skill checks you won’t cause any noise and the process will revert back the process by only 3%.
  • Perk: Flashbang. Once you complete 70% progress on any generator you can enter a locker and craft a flashbang grenade.
  • Perk: Rookie Spirit. When you complete five good or great skills checks while repairing generators Rookie Spirit will get activated, which will show you the aura of other generators.

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Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Chapter: All Killer And Survivor Perks

Killer: The Tyrant Nemesis

  • Perk: Eruption. After you kick a generator its aura will be highlighted as yellow. Every generator will explode when you put a Survivor in the Dying State. If any Survivor is repairing a generator, they will scream when the generator explodes and will be incapacitated for 10 seconds.
  • Perk: Hysteria. When you put a healthy Survivor in an injured state with a basic attack, all the other injured Survivors will undergo the Oblivious effect for 20 seconds.
  • Perk: Lethal Pursuer. At the start of every trial, you will be able to see the aura of all the Survivors for 5 seconds.
  • Special Ability: T-Virus. You will be able to infect Survivors with the T-Virus. This will make them cough, and you can then follow the sound.

This is everything you need to know about all the Killer And Survivor Character Perks In Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Chapter. While you are here find out how to play unreleased content using the Public Test Beta feature.