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Dead by Daylight PTB – How to Join Public Testing Beta?

DBD PTB or Dead by Daylight PTB (Public Test Beta) Steam Settings can unlock latest content and much more. Here is how to join PTB?

To access DBD Public Test Build, you have to do modify Steam Settings. It can be done via the Game Properties. Refer to the steps below to Select the Public Test Beta in Dead By Daylight PC Edition.

How to Play the PTB in Dead by Daylight


PTB Steam Settings:

  • Launch the Steam Application.
  • Look for Dead by Daylight in the Game Library.
  • Right Click on it and click on Properties.
  • Look for Beta on the Left under Local Files.
  • Click on it and in the Beta Tap select ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into‘.
  • Select ‘public-test – External Branch for Public Tests

Return back to the Game Library and launch the game. Here you can try out the latest content before it’s released.


What is Dead by Daylight Public Testing Beta or Build?

DBD PTB options allow you to try out future DLC’s. A way to try out future content in the form of a test build. It is a kind of free public testing of an upcoming event. You can test new upcoming abilities and perks. This will help you to have an early hands-on on future Dead by Daylight content.

With the PTB option engaged you can play a lot of unreleased content in the game. It basically makes you a beta tester for the game series. So, if you are hungry for all the new upcoming content this is the best method to take advantage of the same.


This is everything you need to know about How to play the PTB in Dead by Daylight. Now that you are here make sure you check out our other Video Game Guides and look for and learn about your favorite game!