Should You Kill One True King Or Nimue In Remnant 2?

Check out this guide to know whether you should kill One True King or Nimue in Remnant 2.

The Awakened King DLC offers an entirely new area based on the world of Losomn and a storyline featuring the mad antagonist, the One True King in Remnant 2. In the final face-off against the mad king, players will come across the choice to either take him down or kill the Goddess of Fae Nimue in the game. And given that you have completed your playthrough of the game, you would have come across the Goddess of Fae quite a few times during different quests.

This time around, however, you will find Nimue in a different condition and whether she lives or not will depend on which side you choose. Players might be familiar that each choice in Remnant 2 has different consequences and knowing which one is the right one is important. Not to mention, the One True King is back for blood and you will need the right move in the end. So if you are wondering whether to side with the One True King or Nimue, then here is everything you need to know about the consequences of each choice.

Should you Kill Nimue or One True King in Remnant 2?

Players will face the One True King in the Chamber of the Faithless in Losomn from where they will have three available choices that they can make in Remnant 2. While killing Nimue or the mad king seems like the only option, you can gain some more rewards with the third choice. Before going any further, here are all the consequences of all the options that you will come across while facing the One True King in Remnant 2:

Kill One True King

Should You Kill One True King In Remnant 2?
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Once you have exhausted all the dialogues of the mad king, you will come across the option “Sounds like a lot of hassle. Let’s fight!” and choosing it will result in a showdown with the One True King. At this stage in Remnant 2, you will find him a little easier to take down than any other enemies.

Your best bet would be to go after his head in the game and stay away from his hammer attacks. The One True King is quite slow in movement so it’s easier to move around the chamber. The only thing to be aware of during the fight would be his teleporting attacks. Choosing the option and defeating the mad king will grant you the Agony Spike that you can take to McCabe to craft Monarch.

Kill Nimue

Should You Kill Nimue in Remnant 2?
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One of the dialogue options with the One True King would be “What is my task, Majesty?” and selecting it will result in him tasking you to kill the Goddess of Fae in Remnant 2. He will also hand you the Rod of Retribution that you can use to kill Nimue in the game. You will find her in chains below the Derelict Lighthouse.

Interacting with her and carrying out the deed with the Rod of Retribution will take down Nimue. For this, you will receive the Broken Heart Relic and after heading back towards the chamber, the Mad King will still face you in a battle.

Sparing Nimue

Should You Spare Nimue In Remnant 2?
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One of the choices that players can go through is to spare Nimue from her fate in Remnant 2. This can be done simply by accepting the Mad King’s proposal and then not killing the Goddess of Fae in the game. You will have to simply interact with her normally and you will receive Nimue’s Vow.

Once you head back, the One True King won’t be happy with the news and will face you the battle. After defeating him, along with other rewards you will also receive Nimue’s Blood Marred Vow. This can be exchanged with Nimue for the Gift of the Unbound Amulet.

That said, we would recommend sparing Nimue in Remnant 2 purely because you will have to face the mad king anyhow. The choice will grant you different rewards that will help you take down the One True King easily in the game. It is worth mentioning that after defeating the boss, you can interact with Nimue to gain the Jewel of the Beholden Ring.

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