How To Defeat The Knight Boss – A Plague Tale Innocence

Learn how to defeat the armored knight boss in Chapter 2 The Stranger

Are you finding hard to kill the Knight in  A Plague Tale Innocence who appears at the end of Chapter 2 The Stranger? then this guide is for you. Hugo runs away from Amicia, she chases him down and found that he is being caught by an armored knight. Before this you will have to use your Slingshot to kill a villager, always hit the head. The Knight is having a thick armor and it will be hard for you to defeat him also the number of rocks you will have is limited. In this How To Defeat The Knight Boss guide, I will show you how you can easily beat him and find two more rock pouches in the fighting area.

How To Defeat The Knight Boss

If you are not having enough rock, on the left corner from the wall you jump in, there are wooden barrels and a pouch of rocks on it. The second pouch is near the tree on its left on the ground. The current inventory slot allows you to carry only six of them.

The Knight has armor on this body attacking the armor is worthless. Your rocks will be wasted. Hit his head and provoke him to attack you, stand on the muddy area because as he attacks his spear will get stuck and you will have enough time to attack his back.

Defeat Knight Boss In A Plague Tale Innocence

Let him approach near you and press Square to dodge, first break the hand armor. Look for circle rings on his shoulder attack two of them on the left and right hand. The metal covering on his hand will fall down.

Defeat Knight Boss In A Plague Tale Innocence

After breaking the two rings on the shoulders, attack the one on the chest to break down his shoulder armor. The knight will stop for a while after three attacks, that’s your window to shoot the ring. After breaking the one on the chest there is one left on the backside of his head that will break the head armor.

Finally, you can see the head, look for a good position and attack the head. That’s it the knight will fall, take Hugo and enter the door, this is also the end of Chapter 2 Stranger and beginning of Chapter 3 Retribution.