Should You Kill Anders or the Devil In BG3 – Hunt The Devil Quest

Choice between sparing Anders or Karlachk comes around in BG3 during a quest. Choosing one of them has their own pros and cons. Here are details.

During Hunt the Devil Quest, you will come across a choice of sparing one. Anders the Paladin or Karlachk the Devil. There are different outcomes if you choose to spare or kill one of them. If you go with killing the Paladin then you will unlock a companion, or if you choose to hunt the Devil you can get a weapon. Here are the detailed consequences of killing Anders or the Devil in BG3.

Kill the Paladin or The Devil: Multiple Choice

Here are the outcomes of both the choices. What happens if you side with Anders and what changes when you choose to be friends with the Karlachk?

What will happen if you kill Anders in BG3?

BG3: Sword of Justice

If you pick a side with Anders, hunt down the devil, and return to him he will be happy with your action. He will reward you with a blade: Sword of Justice. It is a rare two-handed sword that comes with Tyr’s protection. This enchantment inflicts a shield of faith. It will surround a creature with a shimmering shield of magic that increases its AC by 2. The range goes around 18m. The second enchantment is Cleave which is an action, where you can swing your weapon in a large arc to attack more than one enemy at once.

Sword of Justice Stats:

  • Range: 2m
  • Proficient: No Martial
  • Size: Tiny
  • Weight: 3Kg
  • Value: 700
  • Heavy – Two Handed – Dippable.

So if you want this sword then take side with Anders and hunt down the evil. It will be easy to kill Karlachk in a short fight.

What will happen if you kill Karlachk The Devil in BG3?

BG3 Devils Location

After talking to Andres, you will have to find the Devil. She is injured and resting near the riverside not far from Andres location. After reaching there there will be some dialogue options. Pick up the below choice to befriend her.

  1. Yes, I am – the people who are hunting you sent me.
  2. They told me you’d slaughtered innocent families.
  3. You were in hell? So was I, not long ago.

After this conversation, you will realize that the Devil is also infected with the parasite. This will generate some trust between you and her.

  1. It wasn’t me – it was the parasite from the mind flayer ship.
  2. I didn’t see you aboard. Where were you?
  3. You were expecting the ship?
  4. What makes you so important to them?
  5. So you want me to kill the people hunting you?
  6. What do I get in return?

As you agree to do this task, the Devil will become your companion. You will have to fight Andres and his guards. Siding with the Devil is a wise choice because you are getting a powerful crew member. Karlachk is strong and can be counted as a valuable party member.

In the end, it is your choice whom to spare. If you investigate corpses in the area you will find that Paladins are cruel and are the real devils. For good you can pick the Devil’s side, fight Andres, and add her to your crew.

To help you more with such choices and tips & tricks on this game do check our BG3 guides section.

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