How To Get Free Cosmetics From Diablo 4 KFC Promo

If you love Diablo 4 and KFC, this promo is tastily beneficial for you. Check out how to get the free weapon cosmetics rewards.

Diablo 4 KFC promo returns once more and players need to order their prize online. Earlier this year, Blizzard and KFC paired up to distribute the closed beta codes and now they return once more with free cosmetics. So how do you get the free weapon cosmetics from the KFC promo? You will have to order items online that qualify under this promo. Along with that, there are a lot more details regarding this promo that players can find out below.

How to Get Diablo 4 KFC Promo Free Weapon Cosmetics

Diablo 4 KFC Promo Free Cosmetics Reward

While there were a few leaks about the weapon cosmetics, we had to wait till we got some confirmation. Players will get the first free Diablo 4 KFC promo reward once they log in to their KFC account and then link it with their account. After that, you need to purchase a qualifying product on or the KFC App through your account. Once you do so, you will get your free weapon cosmetics. So basically, you need to make four qualifying purchases along with the account linking to get all the free rewards of this promo.

How to Unlock Promo Rewards?

After players get the rewards and redeem it through My Diablo Rewards Page, the free weapon cosmetic will be available in the player’s account. Since your KFC account and are linked now, it will be easier to get them.

All Diablo 4 KFC Promo Rewards

Here are all the rewards that players will get as part of the KFC Promo free weapon cosmetics:

  • Dread Pheasant Slayer Bow
  • Thrumming Axle
  • Hand of Gallus
  • Vessel of the Eleven
  • Foul Reaper

When will Diablo 4 KFC Promo End?

Although players will be able to unlock their rewards till July 15th, the final Diablo 4 KFC promo order has to be placed before 2nd July. Seems like a lot of players will be ordering KFC while enjoying the game.

Can you Claim the Promo from the Outlet?

No, players can only be a part of the promo by purchasing online. Since the announcements, numerous players have headed to their nearest KFC only to encounter clueless faces. So before you spend your time heading down to one of the KFC outlets near you, we’ll stop you right there. You can only enjoy the free weapon cosmetics by placing their KFC promo order online.

That’s all on the Diablo 4 KFC promo and how to get the free weapon cosmetics. While you are here, check out the Twitch Drops Rewards and other Diablo 4 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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