What Is The Key Code For Staff In Dubai In Hitman 3

The Key Code for staff in Dubai will give you access to a lot of places. Check out what the key code for staff is in Dubai in Hitman 3

The Key code for staff in Dubai in Hitman 3 allows you to get the staff disguise and plan your next move, there’s a problem though as the key code can be difficult to crack and if you miss out on the information it gets lost forever. If you’re having trouble finding out the key code for staff in Dubai in Hitman 3, read the rest of this guide.

What Is The Key Code For Staff In Dubai In Hitman 3

The key code for staff in the Dubai mission in Hitman 3 is 4706, using this key code you can get access to all the places where the staff is allowed to go, it works best if you have the staff disguise with you. You can get find this door by going to the south side of the Atrium on the first floor.

what is the key code for staff in dubai in hitman 3All you need to do is interact with the keypad when no one is looking and Grey will tell you the code himself, it can be easily missed if you’re not paying attention. This is why a lot of people have had trouble figuring out this code.

Make sure that no one is watching you while you enter this code as it can raise suspicion if you’re not in the staff’s disguise. You can even enter this room and take down two staff members and use their disguise.

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There’s a vacuum cleaner inside the room that works perfectly as a distraction giving you the perfect opportunity to strike.

The Dubai mission gives the player a lot of options to take out the two targets, disguising yourself as the staff is one of them. If you’re looking out at other ways to eliminate the two Dubai targets in Hitman 3, we’d like to recommend you check out how to trigger an evacuation in Dubai guide right here on Gamer Tweak.