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Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Find Kestodon – Location Guide

A complete guide on Kestodon Location in MHR.

Monster Hunter Rise never seems to be short of creatures to discover. Every creature has some or the other useful materials that you can get off them which would help you in the game. One such monster is Kestodon. These small monsters appear in a number of quests. Though they may not be the main target in those quests, there will be 2 quests that would feature them as the main target. They are pretty useful as weapons and armor materials. In this guide, we tell you all the Kestodon locations in MHR and why are they so important.

Where to find the Kestodon in Monster Hunter Rise?


Sandy Plains Sub camp

Kestodon can be found in the Sandy Plains area. They are also found as the main target of the hub quests Dawn of the Kestodon and Bad Review. The monsters come in a male and a female species and the difference is evident from the color and built of the two. A quest called Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Security requires you to kill 8 Kestodons. They are often seen in sector 12 and sector 5. This will allow you access to a sub-camp in the Sandy Plains. They are usually in groups and very easy to kill. They drop the following items: Kestodon Carapace, Kestodon Scalp, and Kestodon Shell depending on whether they are high rank or low rank.



MHR Monster Location

The following are the list of armors and weapons that use Kestodon materials:

  1. Kamura Cleaver III- Weapon
  2. Barbaroi Blade I- Weapon
  3. Ignot Set- Armor
  4. Ingot S Set- Armor
  5. Diablos S Set- Armor
  6. Tetranadon S Set- Armor
  7. Diablo Set- Armor
  8. Rhenoplos Set- Armor


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