Kena: Bridge of Spirits Will Be Darker Than It Looks, Developers Confirm

At the Future Games Show 2020, the developers of Kena: Bridge of Spirits commented on the plot of the game. This is said to be darker than the trailer suggests.

The fairytale adventure game Kena: Bridge of Spirits was presented at the PS5 unveiling event alongside many other games. Recently, the developers talked about the game at the Future Game Show 2020 and shared some information with the fans.

In Kena: Bridge of Spirits you slip into the role of the ghost guide Kena, with whom you will experience an exciting journey through a ghost forest. You have to save captured spirits by facing numerous battles, solving puzzles and searching the area for clues.

In addition, you will have to steadily enlarge your team of so-called reds, which are small ghosts. This will make you stronger as they unlock new skills and can carry items.

With the trailer, the game makes a rather cute impression and is reminiscent of an animated film as known from Pixar. However, Kena: Bridge of Spirits should not be as magical as we imagine it to be at the moment. This was shared by Micheal Grier, Chief Creative Officer, and his brother Josh Grier, Chief Operating Officer, in a video interview.

They also stressed that the adventure game will include several darker themes in the narrative, despite the cute looking atmosphere. They cited the opening film of the game as an example, in which Kena meditates and fights against menacing-looking ghosts. Japanese games with a cute look actually deal with dark themes more often, although you don’t expect it at first.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released exclusively on the PS4 and the new PS5 for a limited time. It will be released for the PC at a later date, where it will be available through the Epic Games store. The PS5 version will use the haptic feedback vibrations of the DualSense controller for an improved gaming experience.