Kahoot Answers Hack Tool Bot 2023 – Use Auto Answer Cheats

Titus D'souza
5 Min Read

Kahoot is even more fun when you have the opportunity to use cheats and bot tools like the Answers Hack. This particular tool allows you to flood a Kahoot session with nearly 2000 bots with random names. These bots flood the session with answers, even if they may not always be accurate. Additionally, some of them also let you pick any name of your choice. In this guide, we will show you all there is to learn about bots and answer hacks in Kahoot, so keep reading if you wish to learn more about these interesting tools.

Kahoot Answers Hack Tool Bot – How to Use Auto Answer Cheats?


Kahoot Answer Bot by Sean – 3

The Kahoot Answer Bot by Sean – 3 performs in a manner that is quite similar to what we mentioned in the introductory lines of this guide. The bot sends in a large number of bots into a Kahoot quiz session. These bots (which can even enter in numbers of up to 2000) enter sessions and pick from the answers in the quiz. These bots also have random names.

To use this answer bot hack in Kahoot, all you need to do is first click on the Play button on your screen. Next, press the Enter button on your keyboard to keep going. Now, either pick Yes or No when you receive a prompt to generate random names.

After you pick the answer, you need to enter your Kahoot game pin, after which you need to enter the number of bots you wish to spam the session with. Once you fill in these details, simply continue into the Kahoot session and watch the magic!


KahootBot is a tool that enables you to send bots to pretty much any Kahoot session or game online. This particular tool is actually quite easy to use, and within little next to no time, you will find yourself flooding the session of your choice with random bots.

To use KahootBot, note down the PIN for your Kahoot session. Inside the KahootBot interface, enter the said PIN inside the Game Pin box. Next, you need to choose the number of bots you wish to send into a session. You can also choose how to manage these bots. Once you are done with all the settings and preferences, simply click on Send Bots.

Once the bots get sent into the session, you can also click on Manage and quite literally control and remove bots if you wish to.

Kahoot Hack Online

Kahoot Hack Online is an auto-answer bot hack that also allows you to flood sessions and use a username filter bypass.

What makes Kahoot Hack Online special is the fact that it boasts of several different features, like the ones we mentioned in the earlier lines. The Auto-Answer feature extracts correct answers for each quiz. Likewise, the User Flood option allows you to flood Kahoot sessions and games with huge numbers of players.

Next, the Bypass Username Filter gives you the ability to use literally any name of your choice.

These are pretty much some of the best and easiest-to-use Kahoot hacks for answers you can find. With that being said, there are still plenty of these bots and tools you can find for the game. Before you go any further, we recommend you try and refrain from using names that are derogatory or insulting in nature. We also recommend you only use these hacks and bots for fun, and not to actually cheat or cause disruptions to classes or games.

Now that you know all about these hacks, take a look at our guide on How to Cheat in Kahoot.