Just Cause 4 – Los Demonios DLC First 15 Minutes Gameplay Out

Have a look on some new mutant buddies

Gamespot shared the first fifteen minutes of upcoming Just Cause 4 Los Demonios DLC that is scheduled to release on June 16, 2019. The video reveals the new world of alien bugs and a small mission where destroying the spores cause the tentacles to retrieve back to the source. The mission revolves around destroying the infestation in the region before reaching the final one. There will be infestations marked around the map, they are inside a big energy globe. With different infestations, different enemies emerge, like one there are easy to kill bugs while in are some are filled with dead animals.

Every infestation nest has a vulnerable part, destroying will clear the nest and you can progress to your another target. A wingsuit, jet pack, parachute, and rope will reduce your time of traveling around on foot. It is a lot easier to climb heights or fly towards various infestation locations.