Everything about Animal Crossing New Horizons Julian

By Nikita
2 Min Read

Animal Crossing New Horizons has a wide array of amusing characters with different personalities and behavior. There’s Isabelle, there’s Goldie and also, there’s Julian, a blue horse villager. Interested to know everything about Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Julian? Then this guide is for you.

Julian from Animal Crossing New Horizons

Julian is a villager with a smug personality. At first glance, he might look like a unicorn (because of the horn) but he’s just a fancy-lookin’ horse with the catchphrase ‘glitter’. Honestly, it seems like the perfect catchphrase for him.

Julian is very polite and kind, but sometimes displays a feeling of superiority. That’s just how characters with a smug personality are like, but Julian is still very adorable.

His birthday is on March 15th and his star sign is Pisces. His name ‘Julian’ most likely comes from Julius Caesar and his birthday falls on the day he was stabbed and killed. Quite dark for a game with such an upbeat and positive theme!

Julian’s appearance includes sleek blue hair, long eyelashes, purple eye shadow, a blue body, a white horn and black hooves. He was first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and now, New Horizons has been graced with his presence too. Overall, Julian is an incredibly stylish and cool character.

That’s everything about Julian that is known right now. For more interesting guides, tips, tricks and unlocks, make sure to check out the ACNH Wiki Guide Page.