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Genshin Impact Joyeux Vouchers All Locations: How To Get

Here is how to get the locations of all Joyeux Vouchers in Genshin Impact.

Joyeux Vouchers is one of the new currencies that you can get in Genshin Impact. These bunch of tickets can be collected and traded for rare items during the Secret Summer Paradise event. If you find enough of these vouchers, you can also trade them in exchange for a free Kaeya Skin. However, since Joyeux Vouchers can only be found on the limited-time event map – Veluriyam Mirage – it can be a huge task to collect them. Our guide below will show you the best methods to collect these Joyeux Vouchers with all their map locations as well.

How to Get Joyeux Vouchers in Genshin Impact

joyeux voucher location genshin impact

You can find Joyeux Vouchers scattered all across the event-exclusive map of Veluriyam Mirage. Participating in the Secret Summer Paradise event and interacting with the floating balloons can also grant you Joyeux Vouchers. To summarise, here are all the ways to get Joyeux Vouchers in Genshin Impact:

  • Orange floating boxes – Interacting with them will give you four Joyeux Vouchers.
  • Challenges – completing limited-time event challenges will reward you with 1 Joyeux Voucher.
  • Chests – you can find Exquisite, Precious, and Luxurious chests lying around the map.

You will unlock the Flowing Joyspar after collecting 90 Joyeux Vouchers. Activating this item will reveal more vouchers in the area whether they are in those floating boxes, challenges, or chests.

Since there are up to 270 Joyeux Vouchers to be found across the map, it can be difficult to include the location for each of them in this guide. Luckily, we have a video guide by WoW Quests mentioned below listing down the location of every Joyeux Voucher in Genshin Impact:

How to Get New Kaeya’s Skin in Genshin Impact

You can get Kaeya’s skin for free by collecting 150 Joyeux Vouchers in Genshin Impact. This offer is available only during the event period. Once the event ends, you will no longer be able to claim the skin for free. You will then have to buy Kaeya’s Sailwind Shadow outfit for 1,680 Genesis Crystals at the in-game shop.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Joyeux Vounchers in Genshin Impact. We hope we helped you find the location of this limited-time currency. While you’re here, do check out the Banner Schedule for 2023. And for more informative guides on the game, visit our Genshin Impact section on Gamer Tweak.