Sims 4 Werewolves – How To Join A Pack

Are you a newly initiated werewolf? Check out our guide on how to join a Werewolf pack in Sims 4.

If you follow the myths and lore of werewolves, you know that they prefer to be in packs rather than alone. Similarly, with the release of the recent werewolves expansion, players can join two major packs. While one of the packs embraces their fury, the other one believes in taming their animalistic side. It is totally up to you which one to join. But joining either of them involves completing some trials. Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to join the Werewolf pack in Sims 4.

How to Join the Werewolf Pack in Sims 4

As mentioned, you can join two werewolf packs. They are Wildfangs and Moonwild Collective. On one hand, the virtues of Wildfangs revolve around embracing their true fury nature. The Moonwild Collective believes in taming their animalistic fury to exist in harmony with one another.

These different virtues hold importance as they signify the different playstyle once you join a pack. As these packs have different leaders, you need to befriend them and complete some trials to join the pack.

How to Become Friends with the Leaders

Talking about the leader of the Wildfangs, Rory Oaklow. As he firmly embraces the animalistic werewolf fury, raising friendship with him can be a hassle. You can find him at the lair of Wildfangs located to the north of the Grimtooth Bar & Bunker. If he is rampaging, we suggest not interacting with him. In addition to that, if you don’t find him at the lair, search for him in the nearby area. Due to his frequent rampages, it can be slightly difficult to join the pack.

Now, coming to the leader of Moonwild Collective, Kristopher Volkov. You can find him with his family at his residential lot in the Moonwood Mill. If you don’t find him there, you can search for him in the Community lots.

We recommend not meeting any of them during the Full-Moon day as they can transform and rampage.

You can gift different items to leaders to speed up their friendship. Alternatively, involving in several pack activities can also help speed up your friendship with them.

sims 4 join werewolf pack
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Once your friendship with them has reached its peak, you can ask them to “become a friend of the pack”. If they agree, you have to complete six trials to become a member. Scroll till the end to find out these trials and how to complete them.

How to Complete Trials to Join the Pack in Sims 4

Mentioned below are all the six trials and how to complete them to become a member of the werewolves pack:

  • Werewolf Spar with Rory or Kristopher: It is the easiest one of them as it involves sparring and not a full-blown werewolf fury battle.
  • Discuss Lunar epiphany: You can discuss this topic and unlock this ability after reading enough werewolf books. Check out our guide to find out everything about the werewolf books.
  • Demonstrate scavenging: This involves unlocking the dormant abilities with the werewolf points.
  • Demonstrate Wolf howl: You can unlock this dormant ability in exchange for the Werewolf points.
  • Give an uncommon or rare Collectable: There are two ways to complete this trial. You can either find any of these items or seek a werewolf who is good at scavenging.
  • Give excellent quality food: You need to have good cooking skills to complete this trial.
sims 4 join pack werewolf
Image Source – EnglishSimmer on YouTube.

You can undergo and complete three of the above trials to join any of the packs. Also, the trials are the same for both packs. So, complete and become one of the werewolf packs.

If you are looking for other options, you can check out our guide on all the Werewolves’ aspirations to choose one.

That’s everything covered about how to join the Werewolf pack in Sims 4. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to become the Alpha Werewolf, werewolf fated mates, and how to lower and manage fury in Sims 4 right here on Gamer Tweak.

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