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Lost Ark – How To Get Jewel Coral

Check out our guide on how to get Jewel Coral in Lost Ark.

There’s a plethora of endless items and currencies for players to discover in Lost Ark. While gold and silver coins are the base currency, Jewel coral is one of the rarer currencies. That means you might need to grind on a quest line to obtain it. These Jewel corals can help get you Turtle mounts. So, here’s our guide on how to get Jewel Coral in Lost Ark.

How to Get Jewel Coral in Lost Ark?


There are some prerequisites before you get on to obtaining Jewel Coral. They are as follows:

    • You need to be on level 50 or above. You also need to reach ilvl 250 or above.
    • As you need a ship to traverse for the quest, you need to unlock ships first.
  • After you complete all the prerequisites, sail out for the Turtle Island located between the Pieccia and Annika.
  • As you reach Turtle island, look out for a Turtle named Tatan and talk to him.
get jewel coral lost ark
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  • While you cannot understand him, he will assign you some objectives and quests to complete.
  • Accept the quest, to begin with, the questline.
  • You need to complete 5 quests that involve story progress as you proceed. The following are the quests you need to complete:
    • The Turtle and the Boy
    • To Look Like a Turtle
    • To Breathe Like a Turtle
    • To Dive like a Turtle
    • To the Sea
  • Once you have completed all the quests, the turtle will reward you with several rewards and a Jewel Coral.

How to Get a Turtle Mount?

  • Head over to the Business District and find the Luxury Goods Merchant, Florian.
  • He is a Luxury goods vendor that will give you a Turtle mount in exchange for one Jewel Coral.
  • Upon talking to him, he will give you a choice to buy one out of three turtles. They are as follows:
    • Green Moss turtle
    • Azure Moss turtle
    • Yellow Moss turtle


lost ark how to get jewel coral
Image Source – ZaFrostPet on YouTube.
  • Click on the Exchange button and then select the OK button to obtain the required Turtle mount.
  • You need to transfer the Turtle mount into your Mounts inventory.
  • Open your inventory and click on it to register the mount into your Mounts inventory.
  • Then, hit the Alt + V button to open your Mounts Inventory.
  • Select the Mount and click on the Ride option to ride it.

These Turtle mounts have a base speed of 420 and the default skill ability to dash.


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