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Should I Choose Jagni Or Myriad Tribe In Biomutant?

Biomutant Myriad or Jagni tribe is a choice in the game.. This guide will help you to decide which Biomutant tribe you must join.

In Biomutant Another world quest you will have to choose Jagni or Myriad tribe.  This will change the tone of the rest of the game for you so this is a pretty important decision to take. Forming an alliance with the right tribe will be vital as these will be your support system when you face Worldeaters. Remember, these tribes are enemies, so when you choose aside, you will by default declare a war on the other tribe.

Which Tribe to Choose Between Jagni and Myriad?


Another World Quest

This is the main difference between the Jagni and Myriad tribe: If you choose the Jagni tribe in Biomutant, you will destroy the tree of life and all the other tribes and if you choose Myriad tribe, you will save the tree of life and the other tribes.

It is basically you choose either the dark side or the light side. Your aura that you have focused on until now will play an important part in deciding this for you. Here is a guide on Aura that we have written which will help you make this decision easier.


Jagni will be more aggressive and will be focused on power and fear as their approach and at the core of your morals will be destruction. Myriad on the other hand is the hero that will want to save the world and bring about unity. Once you choose Jagni, you will walk down the dark aura path and stick to that and vice versa for Myriad, you will be with the light aura.

Personally, I would prefer to choose the Jagni tribe and experience the power and dominance that Biomutant has to offer.

So that is all for our article on whether to choose Jagni or Myriad in Biomutant. If you would like to know how to survive the Hypoxia Zones in the game, make sure you check that article out too.