Isu Weapons In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Get Them All

With the discovery of the Secret Isu Bow, players want to know how to get all AC Valhalla Isu Weapons. Here's how you can unlock them all.

Isu weapons in AC Valhalla are powerful weapons that will make Eivor the best Viking possible. If you are a veteran fan of the franchise, you already know that these weapons have been created by the Isu which is an ancient and advanced species of humanoid people. Due to the mythical powers these weapons possess, you need to have at least one of all of them in your arsenal. So check out how to get all Isu weapons in AC Valhalla.

AC Valhalla Isu Weapons – How to Unlock All

These are all the known AC Valhalla Isu weapons that you can get in the game.

Noden’s Arc – Secret Isu Weapon in AC Valhalla

how to get nodens arc isu bow

The Noden’s Arc is a secret Isu bow which is super powerful. A player discovered this by using a clever “brute force hack” but there is an in-game way of finding it which hasn’t been discovered yet. But until then, you can use the technique mentioned in our guide on how to get the secret Isu bow to unlock it immediately. Basically you have to visit an island near Brunson Turret and hit a pile of rocks. After that you have to create a manual save and reload the game to see if you received this Noden’s Arc Isu weapon in AC Valhalla.


how to get isu weapon mjolnir

How can Mjolnir be out of the equation if this is a story all about Vikings? That’s why Thor’s Hammer makes an appearance in this game, in all its electric glory. The process is, again, pretty detailed so check out our guide on how to get Mjolnir in AC Valhalla to know the exact steps. The process involves killing all Order of the Ancients members and finding Thor’s armor. After you have done that, you have to visit a specific location to grab the Mjolnir.


how to get gungnir isu weapon

After Thor’s Hammer, you can get Odin’s spear which can be unlocked by completing the main story of this game. The process involves starting a quest called A Brother’s Keeper, and going with Sigurd to a location in Hordafylke. We’ve mentioned the steps in our guide on the AC Valhalla Odin Spear location so check it out to know more.


how to get isu excalibur

As the name suggests, the Excalibur is a super powerful sword that will make your enemies go weak at the sight of it. Since it is such a mighty sword, there’s a lot of work you have to put to get it. We’ve noted all of it in our guide on how to get the Excalibur sword in AC Valhalla so go ahead and give that a read.

So these were all the known AC Valhalla Isu weapons that you can unlock and get. If you manage to get all of them, Eivor is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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