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Roblox Islands: How To Get Red Bronze Ingots

Here are all the steps to make Red Bronze Ingots in Roblox Islands.

If you are stuck and want to know how to get Red Bronze Ingots in Roblox Islands, this guide will walk you through it. Let’s look at all the steps on how to get this useful and important item/ingredient.

How to Get Red Bronze Ingots in Roblox Islands

Players can get Red Bronze Ingots by having the following things:

  • 30 Copper Ingots
  • 2 Gold

This will create 1 Red Bronze Ingot and of course, you require the Red Bronze Refinery machine.

how to make red bronze refinery machine

How to Make a Red Bronze Refinery Machine

You need:

  • 100 Steel Plates
  • 250 Copper Rods
  • 25 Steel Rods
  • The Crafting Station required is a Workbench that’s Tier 3

How to Get Gold

First, you need to get your hands on a Gold Node. You can mine it on Buffalkor Island. You can also drill any Gold blocks you encounter and find some Gold in Diamond Mines. Once you have Gold ore, you can smelt it to get Gold. Use a furnace, industrial smelter or a campfire for smelting purposes.

How to Get Copper Ingots

The process is similar for Copper Ingots. Once you smelt Copper Ore, you will get Copper Ingots. Players can find the ore from copper deposits that you can locate in resource islands. You can also drill it if you don’t want to mine the copper deposit.

How to Use Red Bronze Ingot?

Red Bronze Ingot is an ingredient that you can use to craft a Rageblade and Totem Disabler.

Rageblade Crafting requires:

  • 100 Red Bronze Ingot
  • 20 Maple Wood
  • The Crafting Station for this should be an Anvil.

Totem Disabler Crafting requires:

  • 10 Red Bronze Ingot
  • 10 Steel Bolt
  • 100 Electrite
  • The Crafting Station for this should be an Electrical Workbench that’s level 3.

As you can tell, a lot goes into making Red Bronze Ingots in Roblox Islands. But once you get started with it, step by step, you will be able to make it happen. In case you need more help, here’s how to get Obsidian Hilt as well.