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Lost Ark Tier 1 Island Guide – All You Need To Know

Read this guide to learn all about islands in Lost Ark.

Islands are an important part of the map in Lost Ark, and they comprise several interesting locations and elements. These elements are crucial to the storyline of the game, and they make Lost Ark even more exciting. Since the map in Lost Ark is so vast, it can be difficult to learn all there is to know about these islands, which is why we have come up with this guide. Here, we will show you all you need to know about the islands in Lost Ark. There are two types of islands in Lost Ark, and they are Static Islands & Limited Time Islands.

Lost Ark Island Guide – Tier 1



Static Islands

You can visit these islands at any given time in Lost Ark. Additionally, the quests on these islands offer lucrative rewards like Voyage Coins and consumables.


Alteisen Island in Lost Ark

Alteisen Island is a region in Lost Ark that contains scrap metal. While there is not a lot of plant life on it, you can still find a lot of junk to scavenge through.

Argon Island


The Argon Island primarily consists of large icy rocks. You will find a lot of artists sculpting these ice rocks here.

Erasmo’s Island

Erasmo’s Island houses a boss who wakes up when you play a song at the right time.


Crescent Isle

This island is purely dedicated to hunting. Apart from hunting, there is precious little you can do here.

Fantasm Island

This charming isle in Lost Ark has more to it than meets the eye. The waters that surround it are peppered with treacherous reefs.


The Fortuna Island is filled with large pots all over.

Frost Haven

As the name suggests, this island is cold and icy. You will constantly find yourself in the middle of a cold blizzard here. It is also known as the Guardian’s Realm.

Glacier Isle

This island, too, is covered in ice. You will find an old man with a piano here.

Golden Wave

Golden Wave island features a large number of boxes, chests, and sacks across its landscape. These boxes contain small amounts of Silver and junk.


Kalhertz is also a cold island. You will find a slave market here. You can free the slaves here by purchasing them and then setting them free.

Lush Reed

As the name suggests, this island is absolutely covered in reeds, to the point where you cannot even look ahead of you. Rumour has it that you can even find a hidden treasure chest here.


This isle has a statue of Givena, who happens to be the guardian of the sea.


Peyto is a luxurious isle that is filled with food, drinks, and entertainment.


This island inhabits a small shanty town with outlaw residents.


As the name suggests, this isle is absolutely infested with slimes. Killing them will help you get a reward from the vendor in the safe zone.


You will find sunflowers and artists here.

Island of Time

This island combines the skills of fishing with fighting monsters. During your quest to find the island boss, you will come across jars filled with monsters.

Limited Time Islands

As the name probably suggests, these are islands you cannot visit at any given time of the game. You will be alerted of their accessibility with a whirlpool at their location 10 minutes before you can go to them. Once visible, you will be able to go to these islands for a period of 3 minutes, after which the islands will once again become inaccessible. There are two types of these islands, they are Adventure and Timed.

Adventure Islands

You will come across three of these islands at different times of the day in Lost Ark. However, you will only be able to access them at one time. To check for their availability, you will need to use your Compass. These islands can offer you prizes like Card Packs, Gold, Runes, and many more items. You can also acquire Island Hearts from these regions.

Timed Islands

These islands will make themselves visible at set times of the day. Unlike Adventure Islands, you can access Timed Islands multiple times every day. While they do not have fixed locations, you have a better chance of spotting them in predefined locations.

You can spot these islands with the help of the whirlpools we mentioned a little earlier in this guide. To share the location of a said island, you need to press Shift and Right-click on the location on the World Map.

So there you have it. This guide tells you all there is to know about the islands in Lost Ark. As you can see, each island is different from the other in several ways. Now that you know all about these islands, take a look at our guide on How to Increase Gear Score in Lost Ark.