Is Valorant Free To Play In 2024?

Check out here to know if Valorant, one of the most popular FPS Games is still free to play in 2024.

It’s been almost 4 Years and the fever of Valorant in the gaming community is still unimmune. There is no doubt why this game has topped the charts for Riot Games, years after they released League of Legends. I mean, it has everything you would want to keep yourself and your squad entertained for hours. With the agents and their abilities available to try, this title is definitely a fresh take on the FPS genre. However, a major question still remains intact among gamers. Is Valorant free to play?

This concern is completely understandable as other titles in the same genre like COD are very expensive. So it’s better to know about the pricing beforehand. Follow up with us to know if it’s free or not.

Is Valorant a Free to Play Game?

Is Valorant Free To Play In 2024?

A Big YES! Valorant is free to play ever since it was first released for the PC players back in 2020. You can download the Riot Games launcher or download Epic Games Launcher to install it on your system. But before the download begins, you will have to create a Riot Games account so all your in-game data remains safe.

Valorant has In-Game Purchases

You kick off the game with 5 Agents in your pocket. While the total number of Agents is 22, you still got to 17 more to unlock. Now you can either grind to unlock them, which will take months, or simply pay some Valorant Points to obtain them right away. Just to let you know Valorant Points, otherwise known as VP is one of the premium currencies of this game. You can get VP only by purchasing it using real money.

Not only just Agents, there are countless Weapon Skins that you can unlock as well. These cosmetic upgrades help you look cooler and stand out from everyone else in the lobby. Aside from skins, Valorant has a premium Battle Pass in which you advance your rank. By doing so, you can earn several precious rewards for yourself.

I have been playing Valorant for quite a while now and I must say that it is really fun. And now that you know that it’s free to play, what are you even waiting for? Hop into the action with your friends as soon as possible.