Is Valheim Available On Mobile

Wondering whether you can play Valheim on mobile or not? Check it out right here

Valheim on mobile is a question that’s been on the mind of everyone ever since the game was released on early access. This Viking-based survival game has been taking everyone by storm and topping the steam charts ever since, if you’re wishing to play Valheim on mobile, here’s everything that you need to know.

Is Valheim Available On Mobile

Unfortunately, you cannot play Valheim on mobile as of this moment. The game is officially available on PC and Linux-based systems, which means that being able to play on mobile is impossible at this moment. However, the development of Valheim is still in early access and once the game has been released, a future version might be possible.

is valheim available on mobile
Valheim is only available on PC

While searching Valheim mobile on the internet will show you multiple links, we cannot verify the legitimacy of these games. Since they’re unofficial they can be laced with malware and other harmful things. Valheim has been beating popular games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and other such popular games.

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The possibility of having a vast game like Valheim seems unrealistic right now, but we’ve seen plenty of popular AAA games being modded to other platforms. You’re going to need a keyboard while playing the game and while you have a floating keyboard on mobile phones, it may not be the best method when it comes to playing Valheim.

So unless there’s an official Valheim game on mobile, we request you to not download any unofficial version of the game as it could lead to many difficulties and problems for you.

This is all there is to know about a mobile version of Valheim, since the game isn’t available on mobile, you should check out our Valheim Wiki Guide to know everything about the game there is.