Is Loop Hero Available On PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

Wondering about Loop Hero being available on consoles? Check the availability right here

Loop Hero console availability has been questioned ever since the game rose to the top of Steam Charts and brought rogue-like games back into the mainstream. While the game has been blowing the minds of PC players since it was released, console players have been left out. If you’re wondering if Loop Hero will be available on Consoles like Xboxes and PlayStations, check it out right here.

Is Loop Hero Available On Consoles?

Sadly, Loop Hero is not available on consoles right now, this does not mean that a console version will not be made available in the future. While developers Devolver haven’t said anything about a console version as of yet, the development shows that Loop Hero was specifically made for PC players in mind.

loop hero consoles
Loop Hero console version isn’t available right now but can be in the future

Loop Hero recently sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide and it looks like the trend of the game is going to keep on rising and eventually a console version can be made if a lot of players keep asking for it.

We’ve seen in the past PC exclusive games getting a console port and while it does take time to bring an exclusive game to another platform there is still hope. While Loop Hero, unlike some other games does not heavily feature aspects that make complete use of the keyboard and mouse input, this aspect seems to be the one that can somehow be modified to let other platform players like those who own Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation to enjoy the game.

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While we’re hoping to hear soon about a console version of Loop Hero, nothing can be confirmed until the developers say for themselves, so if you’re waiting for a port of Loop Hero, you will have to keep waiting for a while as it seems.

We will let you know and update you as soon as any news about Loop Hero’s console version is announced, until then make sure to enjoy Loop Hero on PC and if you wish to know more about Loop Hero, you can do that right here on Gamer Tweak.