Is Among Us Shutting Down In 2021?

Wondering if Among Us servers are getting shut down in 2021? Is Among Us dead and shutting down this year? Find out about this rumor here.

Among Us was the viral game of 2020 boasting of up to 3 million concurrent players in October 2020. It grew from 6,300 concurrent Steam users in July 2020 to 438,000 in September 2020. The popularity was rising at an exponential rate. As it is with most games, the fame dwindled and newer games like Valheim became viral. But is Among Us shutting down in 2021? Are the Among Us servers going to be shut down soon? Find out here.

Are Among Us servers Shutting Down in 2021?

among us shutting down 2021

The answer is no, Among us is not shutting down nor are the servers getting shut down in 2021. Even though the game is not as popular as before, it still has thousands of players. With new mods that are coming out (unofficially) it shows that people are still interested in the game. Moreover, a new update including a brand new Airship map is expected to arrive soon. There’s a lot of new stuff coming up in this update and this is not the end – more updates are expected. Although these updates should have come much earlier, it doesn’t mean that the game is dead. This proves that there is no way the game’s servers are shutting down in the near future.

In case the servers don’t work, it could be due to maintenance, server updates or due to Among Us server overload issues. The devs will fix it soon enough and you will be able to play it again so don’t worry.

The developers will mention any downtime or server updates on their Twitter accounts: @InnerslothDevs and @AmongUsGame so keep an eye out for that. They have not talked about anything related to shutting down the servers so loyal players can rest assured.

That’s all you need to know about the rumors of Among Us servers shutting down in 2021. With that cleared up, you can head over to our Among Us wiki which has all the tips and tricks you need to be the best imposter or crewmate.