V Rising Irradiant Gruel: How To Get And Use It

The Irradiant Gruel is a consumable necessary for Vampires to increase their prisoner’s Blood Quality. Here’s where you can find and use this consumable for good.

There are several consumables to help a Vampire maintain its health and Irradiant Gruel in V Rising is exactly one of those. This food item is specifically made for human prisoners as it increases their blood quality by 1% to 2%. This is extremely helpful as most humans (in the game) have a 98% to 99% rich blood quality. Meaning, it will help Vampires to get 100% pure blood and get stronger buffs. Keep reading below to learn how to get and use Irradiant Gruel in V Rising.

How to Get Irradiant Gruel in V Rising

brewing irradiant gruel in v rising
Image Credits to SoBadStrange

The only way to obtain Irradiant Gruel is by crafting it through an Alchemy Table. But you should know that the recipe for making Irradiant Gruel is locked from the beginning. To unlock it, you must defeat the Angram the Purifier in Pools of Rebirth, Gloomrot South. Once you manage to beat this boss, go to the Alchemy Table and craft the Irradiant Gruel by using Plague Brier and Mutant Grease.

How to Use Irradiant Gruel in V Rising

feeding irradiant gruel to a prisoner in v rising

Now that you have the Irradiant Gruel ready, it’s time to feed it to your prisoners. First up, use the “Dominate Human” power to catch a human and imprison them in an empty cell. Then, click on the prison cell to get a variety of different options like Kill, Subdue, or Feed the prisoner. From there, you can choose to feed prisoners the Irradiant Gruel and increase their blood quality by 1% to 2%.

One more thing, there is a good 35% chance that this consumable may backfire and turn the prisoner into a raging mutant. If this happens, not only you will lose the high-quality blood but will also be forced to kill the prisoner for good.

That’s all there is to know about the Irradiant Gruel in V Rising. Also, if you are yet to learn about Blood Types and Quality then we have guides that can help you.