Iron Man VR Unibeam: How To Use It?

Here's how you can use one of Iron Man's most powerful abilities 'Unibeam' in Iron Man VR.

Playing Iron Man VR and becoming Iron Man is an out of the world experience for fans of the superhero. Through virtual reality, you can step into the shoes of this iconic Avenger and wipe out all the enemies that dare to attack you. Speaking of iconic, there cannot be Iron Man without his Unibeam. Are wondering how to use the Unibeam in Iron Man VR? Then this guide will help you out.

How To Use The Unibeam In Iron Man VR?

To unleash the Unibeam you need to Hold X on the left controller and Circle on the right controller. This is unarguably the strongest power of Iron Man which will charge up as you keep killing your foes in the game. As soon as it is charged, use the controls mentioned above to blast out the Unibeam out of your chest. You need to look at the enemies to aim in their direction and shoot.


When you kill 12 enemies with one Unibeam attack, you can earn the trophy called No Kill Like Overkill. Just pick the right time when you are faced with a horde of enemies and let your Unibeam do the damage.

Want to create even more enemy destruction? Well, use the Unibeam on 50 enemies with the Unibeam and get the Iron Heart trophy. So keep using this ability often.

Iron Man VR has turned out to be a pleasant surprise and will certainly pave the way for future VR games. Keep reading more information on how many chapters it has and how long it takes to beat it. Plus, find out how to unlock more Iron Man Suits and make your Armored Avenger look extra amazing. Iron Man Skins like Camouflage, Hostile Takeover and more are up for grabs.

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