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Iron Man VR: How To Unlock All Iron Man Suits?

Here's how you can give your Iron Man a new look. Check out how to unlock all Iron Man suits/skins in Iron Man VR.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR lets you live the Tony Stark life in the most authentic way possible. Since he is the Armored Avenger, it only makes sense for him to have a variety of armors. That’s why apart from the classic red and gold Iron Man suit, there are many more suits or skins that you can unlock in the game. To unlock them, you need to complete some tasks. But don’t worry because we will list them all below. But before heading into it, note that these ‘Custom Decos’ are cosmetic changes only. They will only provide skin upgrades and will not improve performance. So, here’s how to unlock more skins in Iron Man VR.

Iron Man VR: How to Unlock All Iron Man Skins

Here’s how you can unlock all Iron Man skins under ‘Custom Decos’.

  • Impulse: This red and gold Iron Man Skin will be unlocked automatically.
  • Ombre: To unlock this silver and red Iron Man suit, you must defeat two enemies with Repulsors with both hands at the same time.
  • Scarlet Storm: When you beat 6 opponents with an Auxiliary Weapon shot, you can get your hands on this skin.
  • Hostile Takeover: Get this suit when you kill 250 enemies with Auxiliary Weapons.
  • Camouflage: As the name suggests, this suit is all about the camouflage pattern. You can get this when you kill two foes with one rocket punch.
  • Hornet: When you kill 50 enemies through melee attacks, you can unlock this skin.
  • Iron Patriot: This skin is a reward for playing the game on the launch weekend.

There are four pre-order bonus Iron Man suits which are Origin Armor, Vintage Armor, Silver Centurion Armor and Ultraviolet Armor. So, if pre-ordered Iron Man VR before 3rd July 2020, these skins are all yours.

That’s not all – if you buy the Digital Deluxe Edition, you get 4 Deluxe Edition Custom Decos. They are Golden Avenger, Black Centurion, Sun Stinger and Stealth Armor.

This is everything we know on how to unlock all Iron Man Suits in Iron Man VR. We will update this post with more information on Iron Man VR skins soon.