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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Best Iron Hands Build For Solo Raids

Here are the moves and items you should use for your Iron Hands' build in Pokemon SV.

Iron Hands can be one of the strongest Pokemon for Tera Raids in Scarlet & Violet when used with the best build for it. A Pokemon’s build is nothing but the moves it uses in battle and what items it holds. But when you add things like nature, EV training, and other factors you can make your Pokemon even stronger. So in this guide check out the best build for Iron Hands in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


Best Iron Hands Build for Solo Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

best iron hands build in pokemon scarlet violet for 5 and 6 star solo raids

The best build of Iron Hands consists of the following moves, items, nature, stats for you to EV train, and its Tera Type.


  • Belly Drum: learned at level 84
  • Drain Punch: can use a TM for it.

The above two moves are a must. This is because Belly drum raises the maximum attack of your Pokemon by sacrificing half its HP. But don’t worry that is where Drain Punch comes in as you can use it to restore your HP by attacking the target Pokemon. Thus your build will be incomplete if you don’t choose the above moves. Aside from them, you can have any of these for your remaining two moves.

  • Body Press: can use a TM for it. (recommended)
  • Thunder Punch: can use a TM for it. (recommended)
  • Ice Punch: can use a TM for it.
  • Fire Punch: can use a TM for it.
  • Earthquake: can use a TM for it.


  • Black Belt: Helps the Pokemon by improving their focus and also increasing the power of Fighting-type moves.
  • Cell Battery: Boosts your attack after you hit your target with an electric move.
  • Magnet: Boosts the power of Electric-type moves.


Adamant is the best nature because it boosts your Attack stat while reducing your Special Attack. Iron Hands has a base stat of 570 which is really good, but among them, its best stats are HP and Attack. So while you can’t do much about increasing its HP with the help of your Pokemon’s nature. You can definitely increase its Attack by cutting down on its special attack which is already low.

But if you want another nature then the second best to go for would be Impish. It increases its Defense while lowering its Special Defense.


EV Training

The main two stats that you should EV train your Iron hands are its HP and its Attack. After that, I would recommend you focus on increasing its Defense. I suggest you check out our guide on the best EV training spots. This will help you find the locations of the Pokemon and which ones to battle for EV training that particular stat.

Do remember that if you are going for the above stats then also use these items while EV training.

  • HP Power Item: Power Weight, gives you +8 HP EVs.
  • Attack Power Item: Power Bracer, gives you +8 Attack EVs.
  • Defense Power Item: Power Belt, gives you +8 Defense EVs.

Tera Type

Tera type is important when it comes to terastallizing your Pokemon. These give your Pokemon a Tera boost. So for your Iron Hand’s Tera type, it should preferably be Fighting but in the next best case it should be Electric. In case your Iron Hands isn’t either of the above-mentioned Tera types you can always change them using the Tera Shards at Medali. I suggest you check our guide on how to change tera type to understand it better.

That covers this guide on the best Iron Hands build for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to use for solo 5 and 6-star raids. If you need more help on other topics of this game be sure to check out our Pokemon SV guides.