How To Get Invoker Of Varshan Recipe In Diablo 4

Want to fight the final boss of the Season of the Malignant? You need the Invoker of Varshan for it in Diablo 4.

One of the trickiest and the most important items in Season of the Malignant that you need to get is the Invoker of Varshan in Diablo 4. You need it to summon Echo of Varshan. But there is a major glitch with it where if you play on a higher tier, which most players would. They miss out on the recipe for it and are unable to craft this item. That’s because if you play on World Tier 2, you will unlock the Foul Invoker of Varshan recipe first instead of the base item. Though there is still a tedious but useful workaround to fix it. So here is how you can unlock the recipes and craft Invoker of Varshan in Diablo 4.

How to Get & Use Invoker of Varshan Recipe in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 how to Get Invoker of Varshan Recipes

You need to beat Varshan the Consumed in World Tier 1 to unlock the Invoker of Varshan recipe. As mentioned above, there is a bug when you fight it on higher World Tiers, you will unlock their recipes and miss out on this. So while it may or may not happen to you, it is safer to play on World Tier 1.

  1. Progess the Season of the Malignant and complete The Cold Hard Truth quest.
  2. Upon defeating Varshan the Consumed, it will drop Varshan’s Malignant Heart.
  3. Interact with it and you will get Invoker of Varshan.
  4. Now, go to Olyam Tundra and talk to Cormond.
  5. Here, you should get the Invoker of Varshan Recipe.
  6. Learn the recipe and interact with a Workbench.
  7. Next, click on Malignant Invoker, the 4th option that you can craft is the Invoker of Varshan. For it you will need:
    • Brutal Malignant Invoker x1
    • Vicious Malignant x1
    • Devious Malignant Invoker x1
    • Demon’s Heart x1
    • Gold x1000

Can’t Get Invoker of Varshan Recipe Bug Fix for Diablo 4

In case you already played on World Tier 2 or 3, you won’t have its recipe. The only way to get the Invoker of Varshan recipe now is to make a new seasonal character and complete the seasonal quest from the start at World Tier 1. You can skip the campaign to speed things up. Also many players claim that they have only gotten this recipe on Solo play. So try fighting the boss alone.

How to Unlock Foul & Tormented Invoker of Varshan Recipes

For Foul Invoker of Varshan Recipe play on World Tier 2, and for Tormented recipe play on WT3.

Foul Echo of Varshan

  1. Go to Ravening Pit.
  2. Clear the Dungeon and interact with the Monstrous Growth.
  3. Use an Invoker of Varshan on it to summon Echo of Varshan.
  4. Defeat it the first time and you will unlock the Foul Invoker of Varshan recipe. To craft it you will need:
    • Sigil Power x50
    • Invoker of Varshan x1

Tormented Invoker of Varshan Recipe

  1. Go to the above location in Ravening Pit and use the Foul Invoker of Varshan on the Outgrowth.
  2. Defeat the boss here and you will get the Tormented Invoker of Varshan recipe. To craft it you will need:
    • Invoker of Varshan x1
    • Forgotten Souls x5
    • Fiend Roses x5

With that, you should have no problem crafting Invoker of Varshan in Diablo 4. For more help on other topics of this game be sure to check out our Diablo 4 section.