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Elden Ring: How To Cross The Invisible Bridge At Heretical Rise

Wondering what is the solution for falling snow marks something unseen in Elden Ring? Check out this guide to learn about it.

Elden Ring has an Invisible Bridge that leads you to the Heretical Rise. Many players can also come across this puzzle under the name of Falling snow marks something unseen. This is a classic reference to the Crystal Cave from Dark Souls, where you had to cross the invisible platforms to reach Seath the Scaleless. So before I digress to Dark Souls let us quickly check how to cross the Invisible Bridge at Heretical Rise in Elden Ring, and learn about the falling snow marks something unseen puzzle.

How To Cross The Invisible Bridge At Heretical Rise In Elden Ring


elden ring falling snow marks something unseen puzzle solution and invisible bridge

You can cross the Invisible Bridge at Heretical Rise in Elden Ring by shooting arrows on it to recognize the bridge. Below is the exact solution for this puzzle.

  1. Fast Travel to Snow Valley Ruins Overlook site of grace. You can find this site at the Mountaintops of the Giants.
  2. From here, head northeast until you reach a bridge that is facing the Heretical Rise. You should be facing southeast.
  3. Now, even though the bridge looks like it has ended move forward. Before you take a step forward, shoot an arrow below, you will see it gets shot at the bridge.
  4. So even though you can see nothing below, there is a bridge here.
  5. Don’t simply run ahead instead shoot arrows after every few steps. Although if you are short on arrows then you can risk it.
  6. Once you reach a point where arrows start shooting down below the bridge, take a left and repeat the procedure.
  7. You have to take a left and a right so you will have to keep shooting to learn the path.
  8. A hint here is you will see snow on the invisible bridge indicating where you have to move.
  9. Eventually, you will see the Balcony of the Heretical Rise and you can reach there safely.


Other than arrows you can also use Rainbow Stones, Rainbow Stone Arrows, Oil pots, or bolts to help you find the path.

What is the Falling snow Marks something Unseen puzzle?

Falling snow marks something unseen is the puzzle that is supposed to be a hint in Elden Ring. It is an indication of the Invisible Bridge that leads to Heretical Rise. Although the problem with this puzzle is that you can see the snow falling right through the bridge. Thus making this hint even more confusing as to what it means. It is only later when you cross half the bridge that you will start to see some slight snow levitating in the air, showing the bridge.


That covers everything you should know about the Invisible Bridge and Heretical Rise in Elden Ring. You should also check our other guides in our Elden Ring section to get help with bosses, builds, and more.