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How To Investigate The Goblin Presence In Hogwarts Legacy (Percival Rackham’s Trial)

Learn how to investigate the goblin presence in order to get rid of them in that mission in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you might get stuck in a mission and not know how to complete the ‘Investigate the goblin presence’ objective. This objective is given during the first Percival Rackham’s Trial. This guide will show you how so you can continue on to completing the actual trial.

How to ‘Investigate the Goblin presence’ in Hogwarts Legacy

how to investigate goblin presence hogwarts legacy

First, make sure your character is at least level 11 in order to start the first Percival Rackam Trial. During this quest, Rackam will instruct you to go to a designated location that he will show on the map in the Map Chamber. Its location on your map will be then shown to you by Professor Fig since he recognizes the tower. It is at a location known as San Bakar’s Tower. This location can be found towards the very north of the map beyond the Forbidden Forest.

Once you arrive there and meet with Professor Fig, you will need to eliminate all the pesky goblins in the area. Fortunately, this will also teach you how to use Petrificus Totalus in case you haven’t already been using it. It is advised that you use Petrificus Totalus on as many goblins as you can. This will make it easy to clear the area. Let’s move on to learning how to complete the ‘investigate goblin presence’ objective.

how to investigate goblin presence hogwarts legacy
After you have successfully cleared the area of goblins, head over to the tent that is near the edge of the cliff. Inside this tent, you will find a note. Collect the note which is kept on a table. This will result in you successfully completing the ‘investigate the goblin presence’ objective.

Note that after investigating the goblin presence, you will be pushed into another fight. This fight will be against some powerful goblins and stealth is off the table so be careful. For more Hogwarts Legacy guides, check out our other articles like where to get mallowsweet leaves.